Steve Berman has dedicated this career as a class-action plaintiffs’ lawyer to improving the lives of those most in need. He represents large classes of consumers, investors and employees in large-scale, complex litigation held in state and federal courts. Steve's trial experience has earned him significant recognition and led The National Law Journal to name him one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in the nation, and to repeatedly name Hagens Berman one of the top 10 plaintiffs’ firms in the country. Steve’s class-action lawsuits have led to record-breaking settlements, historic changes to industries and made real change possible for millions of individuals.

Steve co-founded Hagens Berman in 1993 after his prior firm refused to represent several young children who consumed fast food contaminated with E. coli—Steve knew he had to help. In that case, Steve alleged that the poisoning was the result of Jack in the Box’s cost cutting measures and negligence. He was further inspired to build a firm that vociferously fought for the rights of those most in need. Berman’s innovative approach, tenacious conviction and impeccable track record have earned him an excellent reputation and numerous historic legal victories. He is considered one of the nation’s most successful class-action attorneys and has been praised for securing tangible benefits for class members, as well as outstanding monetary relief. Steve is particularly known for his tenacity in forging settlements that return a high percentage of recovery or meaningful industry change to class members.

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Current Role
  • Managing Partner of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP and Hagens Berman EMEA LLP (UK)
Current Cases

Steve leads the firm’s efforts in the areas of antitrust, consumer protection and more, maintaining a leading edge amid shifting trends and technology. His active cases concern billions of dollars in damages and affect hundreds of millions of individuals. Steve’s caseload spans several industries, including technology, college sports, agriculture and wages and include the following highlights.

The antitrust lawsuits that Steve Berman has led have secured settlements valued at more than $27 billion, spotlighting anticompetitive practices that have harmed consumers across various industries. Steve’s outstanding work in this field has earned the firm accolades and awards, and his current caseload speaks to the breadth of the firm’s impact.



Amazon Buy Box

Class action against Amazon for violating state consumer protection laws through the alleged use of a biased algorithm
Status: Complaint Filed

Amazon E-Books Price-Fixing
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action accusing Amazon of establishing an illegal monopoly of the e-books market and charging artificially inflated prices
Status: Court Denies Amazon’s Motion to Dismiss Monopoly Claims

Amazon Online Retailer Consumer Antitrust (Frame-Wilson)
Interim Co-Lead Counsel

Class action accusing Amazon of increasing prices for online purchases made via other retailers
Status: Amazon’s Motion to Dismiss Claims Denied Antitrust (De Coster)
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action accusing Amazon of violating federal antitrust laws, causing customers to pay artificially high prices for products purchased via Amazon
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Apple iCloud Antitrust

Class action accusing Apple of violating antitrust laws and establishing a monopoly through its iOS cloud-based storage policies
Status: Complaint Filed

Apple Pay Payment Card Issuer Antitrust

Class action accusing Apple of intentionally monopolizing the billion-dollar mobile wallet market on iOS platforms, forcing payment card issuers to pay supracompetitive fees and stifling innovation
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied in Part

Real Estate Commissions Antitrust
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action against four national broker franchises alleging parties illegally inflated commissions associated with home sales
Status: Settlements Reached Totaling $693.2 Million

RealPage Rent Price-Fixing – State of Arizona
Retained Counsel

Retained by Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes in a consumer-protection lawsuit on behalf of the state of Arizona alleging leasing companies colluded to artificially increase the price of rent
Status: Complaint Filed

NCAA Student-Athlete Name, Image and Likeness
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action representing current and former NCAA college athletes accusing the NCAA and its conferences of illegally limiting the compensation athletes may receive for the use of their names, images and likenesses
Status: Class Certification Granted


The firm’s total settlements in this area of litigation is valued at more than $636.32 million and have affected the lives of U.S. consumers and employees in the meat-processing industry. As inflation continues to rise, combatting anticompetitive schemes raising the cost of food is an issue pertinent to families across the nation.



Poultry Processing Wage-Fixing Antitrust
Interim Co-Lead Counsel

Class action alleging wage-fixing agreement between the nation’s biggest poultry companies
Status: Settlements Reached Totaling $217.2 Million

Red Meat Processing Wage-Fixing Antitrust

Class action against the nation's largest meat processing companies alleging a yearslong wage-fixing agreement, causing employees to receive far less than legally owed
Status: Settlements Reached Pending Approval Totaling $138.5 Million

Beef Antitrust
Interim Co-Lead Counsel

Class action alleging major food corporations engaged in illegal conduct regarding the marketing and sales of beef products
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Broiler Chicken Antitrust
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action accusing major food corporations of increasing the price of chicken in violation of antitrust laws
Status: Settlements Totaling $181 Million are Pending Court Approval, Class Certification Granted

Pork Antitrust
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action alleging pork producers colluded to reduce pork production to artificially inflate prices
Status: Settlements Reached Totaling $95 Million

Turkey Antitrust
Interim Co-Lead Counsel

Class action alleging antitrust scheme by food corporations
Status: Settlement Reached With Tyson for $4.62 Million, Seven Remaining Defendants


Hagens Berman’s settlements in automotive defect and emissions lawsuits are collectively valued at more than $21.4 billion and have led to significant safety protocols and changes in the auto industry. Steve’s expertise leading complex litigation has led him to be hand-selected to champion the rights of vehicle owners. He remains dedicated to unearthing new instances of defect coverups, emissions cheating and safety concerns, utilizing the firm’s resources to lead the charge against negligence.



Daimler Mercedes BlueTEC Emissions – Australia
Advisory Role

Following Hagens Berman’s $700 million settlement with Mercedes for alleged emissions cheating in the U.S., the firm has taken an advisory role in comparable litigation against Daimler filed in Australia.
Status: Pending and Active

FCA Dodge RAM 2500/3500 Emissions – 2007-2012 & 2013-2023

Class action alleging Fiat Chrysler/Stellantis and Cummins placed emissions-cheating defeat devices in affected RAM trucks
Status: 2007-2012 Models: Motion to Dismiss Denied in Part; 2013-2023 Models: Complaint Filed

FCA Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan Fire Hazard
Co-lead Counsel

Class action against Fiat Chrysler/Stellantis alleging a defect in the design of Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans results in spontaneous fires while vehicle is parked and off
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied

General Motors CP4 Fuel Pump Defect
Class Counsel

Class action alleging Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks with a Duramax diesel 6.6 V8 engine are equipped with a defective high-pressure fuel injection pump.
Status: Class Certification Granted


Hagens Berman’s total settlements in securities litigation valued at more than $2.9 billion, and Steve’s efforts in this area have helped to recover losses for millions of individuals who have been blindsided by instances of fraud and disinformation orchestrated by publicly traded companies.



Plantronics, Inc. (NYSE: PLT)
Co-Lead Counsel

Class action representing Plantronics investors seeking to recover damages caused by violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Vaxart, Inc. (NASDAQ: VXRT)
Lead Counse

Class action against Vaxart and controlling shareholder, Armistice, alleging claims under federal securities laws
Status: $12.015 Million Partial Settlement Reached

Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z, ZG)
Lead Counsel

Class action alleging defendants falsely touted the durability and acceleration of Zillow Offers and improvements to pricing models 
Status: Motion to Dismiss Denied


Recent Success

Steve Berman has achieved monumental settlements within the last two years, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars of relief to classes of everyday individuals affected by pricing schemes, automotive defects and other instances of wrongdoing. Through his recent case work, Steve maintains Hagens Berman’s edge and excellence in class-action litigation.




Real Estate Commissions Antitrust
Co-lead Counsel


Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Hyundai / Kia Engine Fire Hazard
Co-lead Counsel


Settlement Receives Final Approval

Real Estate Commissions Antitrust
Co-lead Counsel


Settlement Agreements Reached

NCAA/EA Video Games Likeness
Co-lead Counsel


10,000 Athletes Revive EA College Football Videogame Following Name, Image and Likeness Litigation

BMW X5 and 335d Diesel Emissions
Co-Class Counsel


Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Red Meat Processing Wage-Fixing Antitrust


Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Ford Super Duty Roof Crush Risk


Circuit Court Remands District Court’s Dismissal

BMW X5 and 335d Diesel Emissions
Co-Class Counsel


Settlement Agreements Reached

NCAA Student-Athlete Name, Image and Likeness
Co-Lead Counsel


Class Certification Granted

Hyundai / Kia Car Theft Defect
Co-Lead Counsel


Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Visa MasterCard ATM
Co-Lead Counsel


Circuit Court Declines to Review Class Certification En Banc

University of Washington College Tuition Payback


Class Certification Granted

Emory University College Tuition & Fees Payback


Partial Class Certification Granted

Insulin Overpricing
Interim Lead Counsel


Settlement Agreement Reached

Hyundai / Kia Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) Fire Hazard


Settlement Receives Final Approval

CP4 Fuel Pump Defect – GM/Ford/FCA


Motion to Dismiss Denied

Hyundai/Kia Engine Fire Hazard
Co-Lead Counsel


Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Brandeis University College Tuition Payback


Motion to Dismiss Denied

Pork Antitrust
Co-Lead Counsel


Settlement Agreements Reached Consumer Fraud


California AG Files Similar Case, Echoing Hagens Berman’s Claims

Porsche Panamera & 911 Emissions


Settlement Receives Final Approval

Poultry Processing Wage-Fixing Antitrust
Interim Co-Lead Counsel


Motions to Dismiss Denied


Career Highlights

Steve’s career highlights encompass the top cases in world history both in their historical significance and in their monetary relief. Steve’s total settlements are valued at more than $316 billion, including the infamous Big Tobacco litigation of the 90s, and have had major national impact. Steve’s career highlights include Enron pension protection, justice for victims of Harvey Weinstein, restitution for those affected by Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal, the complete remaking of college sports compensation and more.

His career focus remains clear: steadfast representation for those most in need across the nation. Steve’s cases have brought widespread benefit to classes of individuals spanning industries and decades. Lawsuits he has settled have reunited Hungarian Holocaust survivors with priceless family heirlooms, and also enacted major changes in youth soccer and NCAA sports to promote safety and minimize the risk of concussions. Below are Steve’s outstanding career highlights.




State Tobacco Litigation
Special Assistant Attorney General Representing 13 States

$260 billion

Largest civil settlement in history
The multi-state agreement required tobacco companies to pay the states $260 billion and submit to broad advertising and marketing restrictions, leaving a lasting and widespread impact.

Visa Check/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation
Co-lead Counsel

$25 billion

Largest antitrust settlement in U.S. history at the time
Agreements with Visa and Mastercard secured relief valued at as much as $25-87 billion, and injunctive relief reducing interchange rates, among other benefits.

Volkswagen/Porsche/Audi Emissions Scandal
Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and Settlement Negotiating Team

$14.7 billion

Largest ever brought against any automaker
Hagens Berman’s automotive legal team was the first to file in this historic lawsuit against Volkswagen for its emissions cheating and masking of harmful pollutants, culminating in a historic settlement.

Volkswagen Franchise Dealerships
Lead Counsel

$1.67 billion

The firm achieved a monumental settlement on behalf of Volkswagen dealerships across the U.S. blindsided by the automaker’s emissions cheating, returning an average payment to each Dealer Settlement Class Member of approximately $1.85 million.

Toyota Sudden, Unintended Acceleration
Co-lead Counsel

$1.6 billion

Largest automotive settlement in history at the time
The firm did not initially seek to lead this litigation but was sought out by the judge for its wealth of experience in managing very complex class-action MDLs.

Hyundai / Kia Theta II GDI Engine Fire Hazard Settlement
Co-lead Counsel

$1.3 billion

The firm achieved a settlement in response to a defect in 4.1 million Hyundai and Kia vehicles equipped with Theta II GDI engines putting owners at risk for spontaneous, non-collision engine fires or premature engine failure.

Mercedes BlueTEC
Co-lead Counsel

$700 million

Spurred by the firm’s success in the Volkswagen Dieselgate case, Steve independently tested diesel vehicles across manufacturers, uncovering additional instances of emissions-cheating, masked via illegal defeat devices.

Apple E-Books Antitrust
Co-lead Counsel

$616 million

This antitrust lawsuit alleged Apple and five of the nation’s top publishers colluded to raise the price of e-books for U.S. consumers. Steve’s litigation resulted in an unheard of recovery equal to twice consumers' actual damages. Apple took the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it denied Apple’s request to review the case.

McKesson Drug Class Litigation 
Co-lead Counsel

$350 million

Steve was named co-lead counsel in this action that led to a rollback of benchmark prices of hundreds of brand name drugs, and relief for third-party payers and insurers. His discovery of the McKesson scheme led to follow up lawsuits by governmental entities and recovery in total of over $600 million.

Average Wholesale Price Litigation

$338 million

Drug prices charged to consumers and payers across the nation are significantly more than the cost to produce them. In many cases, Big Pharma conspires with other companies to create these false profits. Hagens Berman has helped several classes of plaintiffs obtain multimillion-dollar judgments.

Enron Pension Protection Litigation
Co-lead Counsel

$250 million

Attorneys represented 24,000 Enron employees claiming the company recklessly endangered retirement funds, causing some employees to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars almost overnight, in a major economic milestone in U.S. history.

BoA Homeloans

$250 million

Following the historic market crash in 2008, Hagens Berman filed this class action against Bank of America, Countrywide and LandSafe, alleging their collusion was in direct violation of the RICO Act and other laws.

McKesson Governmental Entity Class Litigation 
Lead counsel

$82 million

Steve was lead counsel for a nationwide class of local governments that resulted in a settlement for drug price-fixing claims.

JPMorgan Madoff Lawsuit

$218 million

This historic settlement against JPMorgan involved three simultaneous, separately negotiated settlements totaling more than $2.2 billion, in which Hagens Berman returned hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of Bernard L. Madoff investors.

NCAA Athletic Grant-in-Aid Cap Antitrust
Co-lead Counsel

$208 million

Steve pioneered this historic case which forever changed NCAA sports and the lives of 53,748 class members. The case culminated in a $208 million settlement regarding damages and injunctive relief secured through a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of plaintiffs. According to the Court, the NCAA “permanently restrained and enjoined from agreeing to fix or limit compensation or benefits related to education” that conferences or schools may make available. Schools are now allowed to provide benefits tethered to education up to $6,000 annually.

Apple iOS App Developers
Class Counsel

$100 million

Hagens Berman represented developers of iOS apps sold via Apple’s App Store or featuring in-app sales, alleging the tech giant engaged in anticompetitive practices that harmed developers. The settlement brings important changes to App Store policies and practices. U.S. iOS app developers with less than $1 million per year in proceeds from App Store sales through all associated developer accounts across the nation can receive hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars from the fund.

Google Play Store App Developers
Co-lead Counsel

$90 million

This antitrust class action accused Google of monopolizing its Play Store through anticompetitive policies, affecting small businesses across the nation. Attorneys for the class of roughly 43,000 Android app developers say some class members will likely see payments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Zuora Investor Fraud
Lead Counsel

$75.5 million

In a showcase of Steve’s securities litigation expertise, this settlement achieved in 2023 provides significant relief to purchasers of the securities of Zuora across the U.S.

NCAA Concussions
Lead Counsel

$75 million

Hagens Berman served as lead counsel in this multidistrict litigation against the NCAA, achieving medical monitoring and  injunctive relief in the form of changes to concussion management and return-to-play guidelines. The lawsuit alleged the institutions neglected to protect college athletes from concussions and their aftermath at schools across the country.

NCAA/Electronic Arts Name and Likeness
Co-lead Counsel

$60 million

This first-of-its-kind lawsuit ushered in the first time that hardworking college athletes saw some of the profits from the use of their likeness in video games. More than 24,000 individuals were eligible to receive payment, and checks were issued for up to $7,600, with a median around $1,100.

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment

$17.1 million

As the #MeToo movement hit a fever pitch moment, Hagens Berman’s Steve Berman represented a class of those harmed by Harvey Weinstein, a kingpin of sexual harassment in Hollywood. The firm litigated the case through to bankruptcy proceedings in 2020.

Youth Soccer Concussions


Steve pioneered this first-of-its-kind lawsuit that ended heading for US Soccer’s youngest players to diminish risk of concussions and traumatic brain injuries, changing the game for youth players across the U.S.



While many of Steve’s cases span national issues and bring widespread relief, he has also harnessed litigation’s power of pinpointed problem solving. His cases have prioritized specific and significant problems that impact local communities.




Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS)

$700 million

This case was one of the most complex and lengthy securities fraud cases ever filed and one of the largest municipal bond defaults in history. After years of litigation, plaintiffs were awarded a $700 million settlement agreement that was reached with more than 200 defendants, illustrating Steve’s prowess in complex litigation.

USC, Dr. Tyndall Sexual Harassment
Co-lead Counsel

$215 million

Steve led the firm’s involvement in this class action representing 16,000 victims of USC’s then gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall. The settlement pioneered a structure prioritizing privacy and placing power in the hands of class members through a tiered relief system.

Jack in the Box E. coli

$12 million

The E. coli outbreak at the center of this case led to the death of four children, the hospitalization of 171 consumers, most of whom were in Washington state, the firm’s home. The discovery work done by Hagens Berman helped other personal injury lawyers recover more than $100 million in wrongful death and civil damages from defendant Foodmaker.

Idaho Grass Burning

Confidential terms

Hagens Berman brought this class action  on behalf of Idaho residents claiming grass-burning farmers released more than 785 tons of pollutants into the air. These included concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, proven carcinogens. Burning the fields annually caused serious health problems, especially to those with respiratory ailments such as cystic fibrosis and asthma.

Fast Ferry from Bremerton

$4.5 million

After three years of hard-fought litigation, Washington state property owners along Rich Passage reached a settlement in a lawsuit claiming waves from high-speed ferries caused environmental and property damages to beaches and bulkheads in the local ecosystem.

City of Sycamore Water Contamination

$8.4 million

Hagens Berman represented a residents of Sycamore, Illinois in a class action accusing the city of creating a public health crisis through decades of negligence to its water system. Residents reported chronic health issues related to exposure to the city’s water. The settlement will bring continued water infrastructure improvement projects through 2027 as well as independent testing.

Dole Bananas


In culminating this environmental lawsuit, Dole and the non-profit organization Water and Sanitation Health coordinated on a water filter project to assist local communities in Guatemala.

Exxon Mobile Oil Spill

$700 million

Hagens Berman successfully represented a class in this lawsuit stemming from the catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spill. The spill occurred when the ship crashed into an Alaskan reef in 1989, sending nearly 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound and negligently harming the wellbeing of natives, workers and marine life for years to come. Hagens Berman’s clients received a multimillion-dollar award in the case against Exxon, which helped shape the future of U.S. environmental and shipping policy.

Hungarian Gold Train


During WWII, the Nazis seized a train of stolen Jewish possession from Jews living in Hungary. The train, containing numerous boxcars was dubbed the "Gold Train." At the end of the war, the United States Army took custody of the Hungarian Gold Train in 1945 while the train was in Austria, the value of which was estimated between $50 and $120 million. According to the lawsuit, despite having receipts and ability to return the items in the 1940s, the U.S. Army knowingly let generals and other high-ranking officers take some of the possessions without returning them.

An online database itemized 6,000+ stolen heirlooms and included a claims process for Hungarian Holocaust survivors and their families. Many items were identified through family records.

Grand Canyon Litigation

The trial court enjoined the project.

The firm represented the Sierra Club in a challenge to a Forest Service decision to allow commercial development on the southern edge of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Iowa Educators Corp.

$1.9 million

Hagens Berman represented Iowa families in a class-action lawsuit filed against Iowa Educators Corporation and Martin Brothers Distributing Company Inc. for allegedly restricting competition and artificially inflating prices of food for school lunches.

Washington Apple Growers Wage Suppression

$1.3 million

In 2000, Hagens Berman, led by co-founder and managing partner, Steve Berman, filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against three Yakima Valley apple companies on behalf of several legal Mexican immigrants. The lawsuit claimed the companies conspired to hire large numbers of illegal workers to depress wages for orchard work.

Boeing Securities Litigation

$92.5 million

Second largest settlement in the Northwest at the time
Boeing agreed to a proposed settlement to the shareholder suit filed in November 1997 by Hagens Berman. The settlement, the second largest awarded in the Northwest, affected tens of thousands of shareholders who purchased or otherwise acquired Boeing common stock

Dairy Price-Fixing

$52 million

The settlement reached by Hagens Berman resolved claims against the dairy industry related to an alleged conspiracy to fix the price of milk via the premature slaughtering of more than 500,000 dairy cattle.



  • In April of 2021, the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) launched the Kathy and Steve Berman Western Forest and Fire Initiative with a philanthropic gift from Steve (BS ’76) and his wife, Kathy. The program will improve society’s ability to manage western forests to mitigate the risks of large wildfires, revitalize human communities and adapt to climate change.

    Steve studied at the School of Natural Resources (now SEAS) and volunteered as a firefighter due to his focus on environmental stewardship. more »

  • In 2003, the University of Washington announced the establishment of the Kathy and Steve Berman Environmental Law Clinic. The Berman Environmental Law Clinic draws on UW's environmental law faculty and extensive cross-campus expertise in fields such as Zoology, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Forest Resources, Environmental Health and more. In addition to representing clients in court, the clinic has become a definitive information resource on contemporary environmental law and policy, with special focus on the Pacific Northwest.
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  • Legal Lion of the Week as part of the litigation team that achieved class certification in NCAA Student-Athlete Name, Image and Likeness, Law360, 2023
  • Best Lawyers in America in Litigation, Securities and Product Liability Litigation, Plaintiffs and Other Areas of Note, 2023
  • Washington Super Lawyers, 1999-2023 
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  • Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America, 2014-2019 
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  • Finalist for Trial Lawyer of the Year, Public Justice, 2014
  • One of the 100 most influential attorneys in America, The National Law Journal, 2013
  • Most powerful lawyer in the state of Washington, The National Law Journal, 2000
  • One of the top 10 plaintiffs’ firms in the country, The National Law Journal

Steve is a frequent public speaker and has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University, University of Washington, University of Michigan and Seattle University Law School.

Personal Insight

Steve was a high school and college soccer player and coach. Now that his daughter’s soccer skills exceed his, he is relegated to being a certified soccer referee and spends weekends being yelled at by parents, players and coaches (as opposed to being yelled at by judges during the week). Steve is also an avid cyclist and is heavily involved in working with young riders on the international Hagens Berman Axeon cycling team.