Hagens Berman’s lawyers fight rising prescription drug and healthcare costs, taking on the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and others in the healthcare distribution chain. Our team is second to none in this field, using antitrust, RICO and state consumer-protection laws against Big Pharma.

Hagens Berman’s attorneys exert extensive litigation and courtroom experience. We originate and focus on cutting-edge healthcare antitrust and fraud litigation, using antitrust, state consumer-protection laws and RICO to improve the quality and fairness of our healthcare and prescription drug system.

We represent consumers and other purchasers, governmental entities, and the nation’s most forward-thinking public interest groups. Our cases combat pay-for-delay deals threatening to keep generics off the market, tackle misrepresentations about the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs, and hold opioid manufacturers and others accountable for the scourge affecting this country.

Dogged in our efforts, our team has pursued these cases since the firm’s founding and have collectively hundreds of years of experience holding Big Pharma accountable. Through these complex litigation efforts Hagens Berman has recovered billions of dollars in recovery for drug purchasers.

Some of the areas covered by our practice include:


Big Pharma employs no shortage of tricks to unlawfully extend monopolies on brand and biologic drugs, leaving consumers and other drug purchasers to pay more than they should for prescriptions, for longer than they should. Our legal team is skilled in targeting sham patent filings, phony infringement litigation filed by pharma companies, and pay-for-delay schemes used to corner the market at the expense of those who need medications to live a healthy, happy life. We have negotiated billions of dollars in settlements on behalf of clients and classes, including consumers and governments, who we alleged overpaid for drugs due to price-inflation schemes. No firm in the world matches our experience in this arena.
   Glumetza Antitrust Litigation
   Ranbaxy Generic Drug Application Antitrust Litigation
   Actos Antitrust Litigation
   Revlimid Antitrust Litigation
   Intuniv Antitrust Litigation
   Xyrem Antitrust Litigation


Hagens Berman’s lawyers have brought numerous cases alleging that pharmaceutical manufacturers misrepresented the safety and efficacy of their drugs or unlawfully marketed their drugs for uses for which they aren’t approved or efficacious, causing both personal and economic injury to consumers and other purchasers. We have also pursued Big Pharma and others in the healthcare distribution chain for intentionally inflating reported prices for prescription medications. Our efforts in this space have resulted in billions of dollars returned to consumers and other payors, and billions more in savings on prescription drugs.
   Avandia Marketing, Sales and Products Liability Litigation
   Neurontin Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation


Hagens Berman has been at the forefront of challenging the pharmaceutical industry’s anticompetitive pricing practices, including fighting against industry-wide inflation of drug-pricing benchmarks and manipulation of the spread between what pharmaceutical benefit managers pay and the price consumers pay for insulin.
   Insulin Pricing Litigation
   Average Wholesale Prices (AWP) Litigation
   First Databank


When pharmaceutical or compounding companies negligently market or distribute dangerous drugs or medical devices to the public, we take legal action, pursuing justice for patients.
   New England Compounding Company Meningitis Outbreak
   Granuflo & Davita Healthcare Partners Dialysis Treatment Centers