Own a 2013-2017 Dodge RAM 2500 or 3500 with a 6.7-L Cummins Diesel Engine?

A vehicle defect is causing your vehicle to lose MPG, and you may need to repair or replace the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. You may be entitled to reimbursement. Fill out the form to find out your rights »

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  • 2013-2017 Dodge RAM 2500 with Cummins diesel (2WD, 4WD)
  • 2013-2017 Dodge RAM 3500 with Cummins diesel (2WD, 4WD)

According to the firm's investigation stemming from consumers' complaints, Dodge has sold hundreds of thousands of Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks equipped with Cummins diesel engines that contain a defect that may be costing you extra in vehicle repairs and lead to drastically reduced MPG and higher fuel costs. If you own an affected Dodge RAM, fill out the form to find out your consumer rights to compensation.

Dodge RAM owners report vehicles serviced 16 times in two years for this issue, and software updates affecting engine performance and mileage, with MPG dropping as much as 25 percent. 


The affected Dodge RAM trucks contain a defect in the Selective Catalytic Reduction system or SCR. When the SCR breaks down, the filter gets clogged, requiring more fuel to be injected to burn it off. This drastically reduces the truck's MPG, costing consumers more in fuel.

When Fiat Chrysler dealers attempt to "fix" the SCR defect, they often simply “flash” the computer to burn more fuel to clean the filter. When the Dodge RAM 2500 or 3500's computers are flashed, it causes the truck’s MPG to decline significantly. Consumers have reported the SCR system breaks down frequently and needs to be replaced.


Hagens Berman believes that consumers have the right to reimbursement for the premium price they paid for trucks that contain a costly defect leading to repeated repairs and higher fuel costs.


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