Case Status
Class Certified
Settlement Amount
$28 Million
Practice Areas
U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
Judge Assigned
Hon. George H. King
Case Number
Schneider National Carriers, Inc.
File Date

Hagens Berman filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that Schneider National Carriers, Inc. (“Schneider”) failed to provide mechanics with proper overtime compensation, meal and rest break premiums, and accurate wage statements as required by California law.

Schneider mechanics allege they routinely worked an 11-hour shift, four days per week, without a validly-adopted alternative work week schedule in place and without daily overtime premiums for work in excess of eight hours per day. Moreover, Schneider failed to provide second meals and separate rest breaks required under California law, the lawsuit states.

Schneider is also charged with depriving mechanics of accurate itemized wage statements, underpaying wages due on termination, and engaging in unfair business practices based on multiple violations of California’s wage and hour laws. As a result of Schneider’s poor labor practices, Hagens Berman believes many mechanics currently working at the company and many former employees may be entitled to recover both unpaid wages and penalties in this action.



In March of 2013, the case was settled on terms mutually acceptable to the parties.

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