Hagens Berman Investigating Aerospace Employee Wage-Fixing Antitrust Scheme

Class-action law firm says five top aerospace companies embroiled in no-poach, no-hire conspiracy

SEATTLE – Antitrust attorneys at Hagens Berman have launched an investigation into five top aerospace companies for an alleged no-poach, no-hire agreement among them since 2011, designed to suppress the wages of aerospace engineers, manufacturers and other skilled laborers.

The investigation comes after a recent criminal complaint filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and implicates the following aerospace companies: Pratt & Whitney, QuEST Global Services NA, Belcan LLC, Cyient Inc. (formerly known as Infotech Enterprises Ltd.), and Agilis Inc.

If you worked at one of the involved aerospace companies at any point from 2011 to 2019, find out more about the investigation and your rights as an employee.

Policing a “Price War”

According to documents unearthed by the DOJ, the wage suppression antitrust behavior between Pratt & Whitney, QuEST Global Services NA, Belcan LLC, Cyient Inc./Infotech Enterprises Ltd., and Agilis Inc. involved private discussions, prohibitions against hiring and policing among suppliers.

“This anticompetitive scheme means thousands of aerospace engineers, engine designers and others have lost out on years of rightfully earned raises, hiring opportunities and other benefits,” said Steve Berman, managing partner at Hagens Berman and attorney seeking to represent affected aerospace employees.

The DOJ’s investigation highlighted key behavior that served to stifle wages and hiring in the aerospace industry, including an intermediary between the suppliers who enforced the agreement between the aerospace companies, going as far as to directly instruct to not hire in order to suppress a “price war” in aerospace wages and suppress poaching. The antitrust scheme also involved hiring freezes and punitive measures taken against any party in violation of the agreement.

What Rights do Aerospace Employees Have Against Wage-Fixing?

“Under federal antitrust law, the Sherman Act, aerospace employees’ wages are protected under law that prohibits agreements that stifle competition and lead to lower wages within a single industry or area of work,” Berman said.

Hagens Berman has achieved many monumental settlements in antitrust lawsuits and wage-fixing, including a $168 million settlement for wage-fixing in the animation industry. The firm has also taken on aerospace giant Boeing in various litigation, including a $92 million securities settlement.

Find out more about the antitrust investigation against Pratt & Whitney, QuEST Global Services NA, Belcan LLC, Cyient Inc./Infotech Enterprises Ltd., and Agilis Inc.

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