Law Firm Leading EcoDiesel Emissions Fraud Charge against Fiat Chrysler Expands National Lawsuit

Law firm that first uncovered emissions-cheating scheme adds 8 states to class-action lawsuit, seeks to continue expansion

SEATTLE – The leading class-action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler for VW-like emissions-cheating in Dodge and Jeep EcoDiesel models has been expanded to include consumers from eight more states, according to Hagens Berman, the law firm that uncovered the emissions fraud scandal prior to the EPA’s accusations.

If you own or lease a 2014-2016 Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel or 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel, your vehicle is affected by this class-action lawsuit. Find out more about your consumer rights to potential compensation.

Hagens Berman is aware that other firms have copycatted the firm’s case only after the EPA joined Hagens Berman’s allegations. To the best of our knowledge, these firms haven’t tested these vehicles and are simply coat-tailing the EPA.

The expanded lawsuit, filed Jan. 20, 2017 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California states that Fiat Chrysler and Bosch intentionally used a “defeat device” or software to cheat emissions testing, akin to the Dieselgate scandal perpetrated by Volkswagen. The lawsuit states vehicles emit up to 20 times the legal limit of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The complaint adds consumers representing proposed classes from California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington who own one of roughly 104,000 estimated affected vehicles.

Hagens Berman’s groundbreaking investigation led to official accusations from the EPA against Fiat Chrysler confirming the firm’s findings that the automaker used “secret software” to dupe consumers and cheat federal emissions standards. The law firm estimates that consumers paid premiums of up to $4,700 for vehicles that fail to meet federal emissions standards and are on the road illegally, despite relentless marketing of the vehicles as eco-friendly.

“It appears Fiat Chrysler has been caught red-handed, fleecing consumers out of thousands of dollars each for dirty diesels slapped with the word ‘eco.’ We’re pleased our initial investigation caught the eye of the EPA, and will continue to expand our efforts,” said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman. “We believe Fiat Chrysler and Bosch set into motion a scheme to defraud an uninformed public, and took full advantage of consumers while pumping the air full of excessive emissions.”

The lawsuit states, “Plaintiffs’ on-road testing has confirmed that FCA’s so-called EcoDiesel cars produced NOx emissions at an average of 222 mg/mile in city driving (four times the FTP standard of 50 mg/mile) and 353 mg/mile in highway driving (five times higher than the U.S. highway standard of 70 mg/mile). In many instances, NOx values were in excess of 1,600 mg/mile, more than 20 times the standards.”

Hagens Berman’s automotive team was named Automotive Practice Group of the Year by Law360, and recently pioneered emissions-fraud cases against Mercedes for its diesel BlueTEC, Chevy Cruze, Dodge 2500 series and the Dodge 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel series. The firm was the first in the nation to file against Volkswagen in the wake of the Dieselgate scandal and has played a leading role in the top three auto class actions in U.S. history.

“Our firm has a long history of fighting to protect both consumers and the environment,” Berman added. “Fiat Chrysler has shown blatant disregard for both, and we intend to hold their feet to the fire to uphold the rights of the tens of thousands of owners who remain forced to drive non-complaint, polluting vehicle bought under misleading information.”

In its EcoDiesel advertising, FCA specifically targets consumers “who want to drive an efficient, environmentally-friendly truck without sacrificing capability or performance.” It also claims the RAM 1500 was “the NAFTA market’s first and only light-duty pickup powered by clean diesel technology.”

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for a proposed nationwide class of consumers who purchased or leased the affected vehicles, as well as injunctive relief and equitable relief for FCA and Bosch’s misconduct related to the design, manufacture, marketing, sale and lease of affected vehicles.

Find out more about the class-action lawsuit on behalf of owners and lessees of Dodge RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel vehicles.

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