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Does your vehicle have a defect? We hold auto manufacturers accountable for wrongdoing to keep consumers safe from fraud, negligence and harm. Report a problem »


Hagens Berman's automotive legal team is here to protect consumers. We listen to your complaints to take action against negligence and oversight that could lead to crashes, safety issues and you overpaying by thousands for your vehicle, based on fraud. If you have a complaint about your car, send us your information using this secure, simple form.

Hagens Berman is on your side and leads the nation in automotive litigation pursuits. Our firm has dedicated time and resources to uncovering fraud and expertly trying cases against the nation’s largest auto manufacturers.


When you contact our legal team, your auto safety defect information is sent straight to our investigator, who carefully reviews each inquiry Hagens Berman receives. After we have reviewed your car complaint, our attorneys may contact you with follow-up questions. Our legal team has helped guide thousands of car owners through complex defects and litigation, and will help answer any questions you have about your car's defect and what options you have to potential compensation.

Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning the victims we represent pay nothing at all unless we win. Attorney fees are paid based on an industry percentage of overall settlement terms, allowing plaintiffs to reap the rewards. Our investigative team is second to none and even staying one step ahead of government regulators in pursuit of car manufacturers that have violated emissions standards, regulations and consumer confidence.


Reporting your auto complaint is the first step to making the roads a safer place, not only for you, but for the millions of drivers who sit behind the wheel every day. Your auto defect complaint could mean others are warned before a defect manifests in their car. And it could mean becoming part of a case that brings you repayment for losses. 

Your claim will be handled by experts in auto litigation, giving you the best opportunity to bring real change and ensure your claim matters.


In litigating cases, our firm strives to make an impact for a large volume of consumers, especially those who fall victim to the gross negligence and oversight of some of the nation’s largest entities: automakers. Hagens Berman has doubled-down on its core mission in regards to the auto industry, an area wrought with negligence and disregard for the millions of vehicle owners who trust the seatbelts, ignition switches, airbags and brakes in the cars they drive will not fail them.

Hagens Berman’s co-founder, Steve Berman, was appointed co-lead counsel in the massive MDL alleging that Toyota vehicles contained a defect causing sudden, unintended acceleration – In re: Toyota Motor Corp. Unintended Acceleration MDL and secured the largest automotive litigation settlement in history, at that time – a $1.6 billion settlement, one that Judge Selna called, “extraordinary because every single dollar in the cash fund will go to claimants.”

This victory spurred the firm to continue to achieve tremendous victories for classes of consumers, going above the mark to ensure that settlements are not only fair and adequate in making plaintiffs whole, but that they are used in the most efficient and advantageous ways to effect change in the auto industry. Since this case, our firm has taken on Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai/Kia, Fiat Chrysler, Ford and General Motors in cases ranging from overstated MPG ratings to dangerous exploding airbags.

The firm was also named to a leadership position in the class-action lawsuit brought against Volkswagen on behalf of tens of thousands of owners and lessors of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles containing VW’s illegal “defeat device” emissions-cheating software, and was the first to file a lawsuit against VW regarding the Dieselgate scandal. Fast on the heels of this litigation, the firm is also spearheading a similar suit against Mercedes, for its deceptive marketing that duped consumers into paying high prices for Mercedes BlueTEC vehicles, which in real world testing pollute at illegally high levels.


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Selecting an automotive litigation attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. When searching for an attorney to represent you in an automotive case, you want a firm with deep knowledge and a record of success. Hagens Berman's automotive litigation team has been named a 2016 Practice Group of the Year by Law360, highlighting its "eye toward landmark matters and general excellence," in this area of law. Hagens Berman fights with the creativity and tenacity to continue to raise the bar and take on every case with the goal of achieving the best outcome for the largest group of individuals. We achieve results, and our track record proves it. While many class-action or individual plaintiff cases result in large legal fees and no meaningful result for the client, Hagens Berman finds ways to return real value.

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