Case Status
Superior Court of the State of California
Case Number
09-50026-reg, Doc. 13210
General Motors Company
File Date

The district attorney of Orange County, California has filed a consumer protection lawsuit against General Motors, claiming that the automaker has deliberately endangered motorists and the public by intentionally concealing serious safety defects to avoid the cost of recall and replacement.

Attorneys at Hagens Berman are representing the DA in the suit and are litigating on behalf of the people of the state of California. The suit states that by allegedly concealing at least 35 separate known defects in GM vehicles by selling vehicles as safe and reliable, GM enticed individuals to purchase vehicles under false pretenses.

The 60-page complaint filed June 27, 2014, in the Superior Court of the state of California claims that GM has conducted business in an unfair, unlawful and fraudulent manner and has also engaged in false advertising, violating the California Business and Professions Code, the Unfair Competition Law and the False Advertising Law.

The suit seeks civil penalties for GM’s alleged violations of these laws as well as restitution for consumers, whom the complaint claims would not have purchased or leased their vehicles at the same price, had GM revealed their safety defects and violations of the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act.

The case cites the automaker’s consistent pattern of investigation and delay following each time it became aware of a given defect, stating that the concealment of these known defects was deliberate.

The complaint seeks to hold GM liable for its actions and alleged omissions after July 10, 2009, the date at which the company acquired virtually all of the assets and certain liabilities of Old GM after filing for bankruptcy.

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