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Patents protect the holder’s rights to prevent others from making, using, selling or otherwise profiting from an invention during a period of time. These protections are a crucial incentive for fostering innovation in the United States.

For inventors, the stakes are high. Extensive capital investment and a period of many years may be required to reduce an idea to practice. This is especially true in high-tech fields, like biotechnology, software, and electronics, where some patents are worth billions of dollars over the course of their lifetime.

Such high stakes demand aggressive litigation and excellent legal counsel. Patent litigation is not an arena for the inexperienced. Large corporations have deep pockets and pour extraordinary resources into defending against patent infringement claims.

At Hagens Berman, we have the experience, resources and tenacity to take on big claims over important issues, even when opposed by top-flight corporate counsel.

We have a team of experienced, senior-level patent attorneys to prosecute patent infringement claims. Our attorneys have experience working on some of the largest and most significant patent lawsuits in the United States across a wide range of technologies. We also have the resources to expand our team dramatically if a case warrants, including hiring experts and researchers.

We also offer results-based fee arrangements, which ensure that our pay is based on the results we win for our clients, not the process. This incentivizes us to use innovative and aggressive legal strategies to achieve maximum recoveries for our clients.

Hagens Berman also offers a streamlined decision-making process for claims. Our narrow focus on representing plaintiffs allows us to avoid conflicts of interest that can cause other firms to delay the decision to take on a case for months.

Any individual or business forced to use litigation to protect their patent rights should hire experienced counsel as quickly as possible. It is never a good idea to ignore patent disputes or attempt to address them without legal counsel. Some of the most important maneuvering and strategic calls in a patent dispute happen long before any lawsuits are filed.

If you believe that a company or individual has infringed your patent, call Hagens Berman to discuss your rights.