Hagens Berman has always believed in fighting for the rights of those with no voice – those who are victims to tragic circumstances beyond their control. With our guiding principles driving our efforts, the firm has expanded its practice areas to include anti-terrorism litigation.

It’s no secret that some businesses and individuals have pled guilty to violating United States laws that prohibit financial transactions with terrorist organizations and foreign states that support terrorism. We believe that the law is one of the most powerful tools to combat terrorism, and our renowned team of litigators brings a fresh perspective to the fight for victims’ rights in this complex arena.


Through a deep understanding of both U.S. and international anti-terrorism laws, Hagens Berman builds on its foundation to investigate acts of terrorism and forge ironclad cases against anyone responsible, to help ensure that those at the mercy of the world’s most egregious perpetrators of violence are represented with the utmost integrity and determination.

The firm’s new practice area carries out our mission of building a safer world through novel applications of the law and steadfast dedication.