False Statements are Investigated Under Whistleblower Laws

False reporting and other forms of material false statements and omissions in connection with commodities, futures or swaps are prohibited by law and investigated by the CFTC under whistleblower laws, and reporting, investigating and stopping this kind of fraud is often impossible without the help of whistleblowers. Dodd-Frank expanded the definition of false reporting to include actions in reckless disregard of truth even when intent or knowledge cannot be demonstrated, and to include any false statement of material fact made to the CFTC in any context.

Whistleblowers with information on persons who have engaged in market manipulation in these markets are encouraged to report to the CFTC Whistleblower Office. If one reports such fraud with the help of a qualified CFTC whistleblower attorney, the whistleblower may remain anonymous.

Hagens Berman represents several whistleblower actions under the CFTC and SEC Whistleblower Programs, including representation of high-profile market expert Haim Bodek, and marshals its significant nationwide resources and expertise in financial fraud to best present whistleblower matters to the SEC and CFTC