Fairfax Behavioral Health

DEFENDANT NAME: Fairview Behavioral Health
CASE NUMBER: 19-cv-00635
COURT: U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington at Seattle
PRACTICE AREA: Discrimination, Sexual Abuse & Harassment
STATUS: Active
DATE FILED: 04/30/19
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Were you strip-searched and video recorded while a patient at Fairfax Behavioral Health facility?

It is a violation of the standard of care for a psychiatric hospital to conduct strip searches in the absence of an individualized assessment that a patient possesses drugs or weapons that constitute an immediate threat to life or safety. Additionally, the use of video monitoring in the room where strip searches are conducted invades patient privacy.

If you were strip-searched while a patient at a Fairfax facility, we want to hear from you »

Attorneys from Hagens Berman filed a class-action complaint on behalf of a proposed class of hundreds of patients that were arbitrarily strip-searched and video recorded while receiving treatment for mental illness at one of three Fairfax locations.


  • Fairfax Behavioral Health psychiatric facility in Kirkland, WA
  • Adult general psychiatric unit, located on the seventh floor of the Providence Medical Center’s Pacific campus in Everett, WA
  • Psychiatric unit on the campus of Evergreen Health Monroe in Monroe, WA


The suit's named plaintiff recalls being ordered to undress for an invasive strip-search when she presented for inpatient admission, even after disclosing her history of sexual abuse to the staff member. She was not given a gown or towel to cover up during the search, and the staff member watched her undress and left the door open where other staff members could see her.

Video cameras were located in the hallway, the holding area outside bathroom, and the room where the strip search was conducted. The cameras recorded her undressing and the strip-search.

The complaint states that Fairfax’s practices—and its failure to limit the discretion of its staff—means that a substantial number of its mental health patients do not have reasonable access to inpatient care for mental health disorders.

Victims Can Remain Anonymous

Your protection is our top priority. We welcome any information, and those who contact our firm may remain anonymous in their potential case. Attorneys will request that the Court permit our clients to proceed anonymously as a Jane Doe or John Doe. Our attorneys have experience in protecting plaintiffs who wish to remain anonymous, both as whistleblowers and as survivors of discriminatory or sexual misconduct.


If you were a patient at one of the three Fairfax-operated locations, we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form on this page to contact our legal team or call attorney Shelby Smith at 206-268-9370. Our secure messaging offers a safe space to those speaking out.

Hagens Berman has the knowledge, experience and resources. Our firm strives to protect the rights and safety of victims everywhere. Let us take a stand for you.


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