Do you own or lease a 2013-2023 RAM 2500 or 3500 truck with a Cummins diesel engine? Your vehicle may be polluting at illegally high levels. You may be entitled to compensation. Fill out the form to find out your rights »

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U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
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Fiat Chrysler
Cummins Inc.
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  • 2013-2023 RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks with Cummins diesel engines
  • 2007-2012 RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks with Cummins diesel engines are covered in a separate lawsuit learn more »


Hagens Berman filed a class-action lawsuit claiming Fiat Chrysler (FCA) manufactured and sold approximately 630,000 2019-2023 RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks equipped with Cummins diesel engines that release illegally high levels of NOx emissions in real-world driving conditions. If you own or lease an affected Dodge RAM, fill out the form to find out your consumer rights to compensation »


The lawsuit alleges FCA and Cummins installed unauthorized emission control devices that bypass or reduce the effectiveness of the trucks’ emission control system. According to the filed class action, consumers were deceived by the defendants’ failure to disclose the emissions controls were defective, and the trucks emitted unlawfully high levels of pollutants.

Attorneys say defendants had a duty to disclose that the affected vehicles were defective, had emissions that far exceeded those expected and were non-EPA and non-CARB-compliant.

The lawsuit claims that because of defendants’ omissions, consumers overpaid for their RAM trucks, and their vehicles have suffered a loss in value. It also states that exposure to NOx pollutants has been linked to serious health issues.


On Dec. 21, 2023, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the U.S. Justice Department had reached a settlement with Cummins in which the engine manufacturer will pay a $1.675 billion fine — the largest-ever civil penalty for a Clean Air Act violation — for installing the emission control devices.

Attorney General Garland stated, “…our preliminary estimates suggest that defeat devices on some Cummins engines have caused them to produce thousands of tons of excess nitrogen oxide emissions. The cascading effect of those pollutants can, over long-term exposure, lead to breathing issues like asthma and respiratory infections.”


Previous emissions-related recalls also affected a subset of the affected trucks. The complaint states those recalls did not address or eliminate the emissions control devices, according to attorneys at Hagens Berman.

Lawyers seeking to represent affected truck owners and lessees say that even in the event of additional recalls, recalls do not change the fact that consumers have allegedly overpaid for affected vehicles. Furthermore, modification made to address emissions compliance may likely negatively impact other performance characteristics of the vehicles, according to attorneys.


Hagens Berman believes consumers have the right to compensation for the premium price they paid for what they thought was an environmentally friendly diesel option. According to the firm's investigation, FCA charged consumers a premium price for vehicles that allegedly don’t comply with federal and state emissions regulations.


Hagens Berman is one of the most successful auto litigation law firms in the U.S. has achieved total settlements valued at more than $320 billion against some of the nation's most powerful corporations, including automakers. Hagens Berman has led nationwide lawsuits against Volkswagen, GM, Mercedes and Fiat Chrysler for use of diesel emissions-cheating devices. In 2016, the firm filed a class action against FCA and Cummins for installing emissions control devices in 2007-2012 RAM 2500/3500 trucks. Your potential claim will be handled by attorneys experienced in automotive consumer law.


In no case will any class member ever be asked to pay any out-of-pocket sum. In the event Hagens Berman or any other firm obtains a settlement that provides benefits to class members, the court will decide a reasonable fee to be awarded to the class' legal team. Fill out the form if you own an affected vehicle »


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