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Silk v. Bowling Green State University
Ohio Court of Claims
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Hagens Berman has filed a lawsuit against Bowling Green State University (BGSU) on behalf of a former BGSU student-athlete, alleging that they failed to protect the player from multiple concussions and residual head trauma and improperly revoked his academic scholarship.

Filed in the Ohio Court of Claims, the complaint alleges Cody Silk received multiple concussions while playing football for BGSU.  These concussions allegedly went untreated by BGSU football staff members until Cody began experiencing memory loss.

“Bowling Green and their football staff completely ignored the policies they themselves created to prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place,” said Steve Berman, attorney representing National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football players. “Even worse, they failed to take the most common-sense actions to treat Cody’s injuries, despite a sworn duty to protect all athletes playing on BGSU teams.”

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Settlement Reached

A $712,500 individual settlement has been reached in Silk v. Bowling Green State University.

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