NFL Concussions

DEFENDANT NAME: National Football League
STATUS: Settled
Steve W. Berman

The NFL recently agreed to a proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought by retired NFL players. The players alleged that the NFL illegally concealed the dangerous long-term health effects of concussions brought on by the tough, damaging style of play that the NFL glorified, including in its NFL Films productions.  

The recent release of the explosive documentary and book – both titled League of Denial – has further escalated attention on allegations that the NFL illegally concealed critical information. Hagens Berman has been contacted by a number of retired NFL players wondering if this settlement is a good deal for them and their families, and what they should do.

Because every player's situation is different, there is no simple yes or no answer for everyone. Former players will need to consider numerous factors in determining whether they should take advantage of the settlement, or instead formally “opt-out” and preserve the right to pursue their own cases. Those factors include the details of the player’s NFL career, the extent of brain trauma that he may have suffered during that time, his current symptoms and his medical diagnosis and prognosis.

If you are a former NFL player or an immediate family member of one, and have questions about the proposed settlement and your options, please call us for a confidential, no obligation–no charge initial legal analysis. We can help explain your options at this stage to help you make an informed decision.

Why us?

We believe that you are best served by receiving independent legal advice. We have partnered with Bob Stein, an attorney, former NFL player, and founding President/CEO of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves. Bob is widely known among former NFL players for conceiving and beginning the class-action litigation against the NFL for the unpaid and unauthorized use of former players’ images in NFL Films’ productions, including on the NFL Network.  Along with Mr. Stein, we presently represent hundreds of former NFL players in litigation against the NFL and NFL Films who have “opted-out” and rejected the proposed settlement in the Dryer v. NFL class-action litigation. 

We are leading class-action litigation against the NCAA regarding concussions issues. We started this case long before the NFL concussion cases became popular with lawyers and as a result of our work have an established body of expertise. Our consultant in the NCAA case, Dr. Cantu is one of the leading experts on the area. We also are representing individuals in concussion cases versus the NCAA. We are again partnering with Bob Stein, and will again utilize all of our collective experience and resources to advocate on your behalf.

Hagens Berman has been recognized by the National Law Journal as one of the leading plaintiffs firms in the country and Steve as one of the top 100 lawyers in the country. The firm was one of the leaders in the historic Attorney Generals settlement with Big Tobacco and is unbowed by the financial might of the NFL. It is our motto to fight for top results or go to trial; we don’t settle cheaply. 

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