Ranbaxy Inc.

DEFENDANT NAME: Ranbaxy Inc., Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD, Ranbaxy USA Inc. and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries LTD
CASE NUMBER: 1:15-cv-11828
COURT: U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts
STATUS: Active
DATE FILED: 05/12/15

Hagens Berman represents Meijer Inc. and Meijer Distribution Inc. in a class-action lawsuit filed against drug maker, Ranbaxy, accusing the pharma company of recklessly stuffing the generic drug approval queues with grossly inadequate applications, deceiving the FDA into granting tentative approvals to lock in statutory exclusivities to which Ranbaxy was not entitled and brandishing these undeserved exclusivities to exclude others while its own applications floundered, all at the direct expense of U.S. drug purchasers. Hagens Berman seeks to represent a nationwide class of direct purchasers who suffered from defendants’ fraudulent and anticompetitive conduct that delayed the entry of generic drugs into the U.S. market.

The suit further accuses Ranbaxy of recklessly and fraudulently bogging down the FDA generic approval process, wrongfully acquiring the ability to preclude or stall the efforts of other generic companies that are responsibly seeking to enter U.S. markets and delaying generic entry while it struggles to get its own act together.

According to the complaint, Meijer suffered and continues to suffer antitrust injury as a result of defendants’ unlawful conduct. In June 2016, Magistrate Judge M. Page Kelley recommended that the defendants’ bid to dismiss the complaint be denied.  In September 2016 Judge Gorton adopted that recommendation over the defendants’ objections.  Discovery is now ongoing.

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06/16/16: MTD Recommendations

Magistrate Judge Kelley recommended that Ranbaxy and Sun’s motion to dismiss the purchasers’ RICO and antitrust claims be denied. more »

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04/14/16: CASE UPDATE

The court held argument on the motion to dismiss. Supplemental briefs are due on Apr. 11, 2016.