Do you or did you since 2016 rent a Seattle apartment maintained by one of the following companies: Greystar, Trammell Crow Residential, Avenue5, Equity, Essex, FPI, Lincoln, Security Properties, AvalonBay or Thrive?

Seattle attorneys are representing renters in a lawsuit fighting a scheme that artificially inflated Seattle rent. Fill out the form to find out your rights »

Case Status
Case Caption
In Re: RealPage, Inc., Rental Software Antitrust Litigation (No. II)
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee
Judge Assigned
Honorable Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr.
Case Number
MDL No. 3071
RealPage, Inc.
AvalonBay Communities Inc.
Avenue5 Residential, LLC
Equity Residential
Essex Property Trust, Inc.
FPI Management, Inc.
Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC
Lincoln Property Co.
Security Properties Inc.
Thrive Communities Management, LLC
Trammell Crow Residential
File Date

Hagens Berman has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Seattle renters who have been harmed by a scheme perpetrated by some of the largest residential real estate companies – Greystar, Avenue5, Trammell Crow Residential, Equity, Essex, FPI Management, Lincoln, Security Properties and Thrive Communities, AvalonBay Communities, as well as other large property management groups. The lawsuit states these leasing companies colluded to artificially increase the price of Seattle rent, basing leases above competitive levels. In this scheme, renters lose, and leases are adjusted to rates beyond what a free market would bear. We believe in upholding tenants’ rights.


The residential real estate companies under investigation maintain properties across the U.S., including in Seattle. Affected areas of the downtown and downtown-adjacent areas include Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, the Central District, South Lake Union, Queen Anne and Belltown. If your apartment is maintained by one of the following companies, or another large property management company, fill out the form to find out your rights »

  • Greystar
  • Avenue5
  • Trammell Crow Residential
  • Equity Apartments
  • Essex
  • FPI Management
  • Lincoln Property Company
  • Security Properties
  • Thrive Communities
  • AnalonBay Communities
  • Other large property management companies operating in Seattle


Your rights as a renter include a fair price for your apartment, and we believe these companies have violated federal laws in artificially raising the price of rent in Seattle. You may have rights under antitrust laws to compensation for your losses due to this scheme.


Our legal team believes that beginning in 2016, these leasing giants began to work together to increase lease prices for Seattle renters. Instead of using an independent pricing metric and supply decisions, they agreed to use a third-party pricing and data collection service, RealPage, to make unit-specific lease adjustments. RealPage also allows participating lessors to coordinate supply levels to avoid price competition. They made these changes in lockstep, forcing leases higher in a scheme designed to imprison renters.


Through a class-action lawsuit, individual renters can collectively bring claims against large corporations who would otherwise have the upper hand. A class-action lawsuit seeks to level the playing field, bringing strength to collective action to change corrupt practices. Though these measures do not bring immediate relief, they are a time-tested method of holding companies accountable for wrongdoing.


Hagens Berman is home to some of the most well-respected and successful lawyers representing plaintiffs in class actions, and the firm has achieved $325 billion in settlements since its founding in 1993 in Seattle. The firm has taken on major institutions for fraudulent billing and predatory behavior, including in the mortgage market, in Big Tech, and against utility companies, product manufacturers and other negligent parties. Your claim will be handled by attorneys experienced in this area of law.


There is no cost or fee whatsoever involved in joining this case. In the event Hagens Berman or any other firm obtains a settlement that provides benefits to class members, the court will decide a reasonable fee to be awarded to the legal team. In no case will any class member ever be asked to pay any out-of-pocket sum.


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