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Acadia Healthcare Company (NASDAQ: ACHC) - Investor Fraud Investigation
Adient plc (NYSE: ADNT) 10/04/2018 Investor Fraud Active
Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN) 12/12/2018 Investor Fraud Active
Allstate Insurance Total Loss Claims 04/18/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Altisource Asset Management Corporation (NYSE: AAMC) 01/16/2015 Investor Fraud Active
Amgen 12/19/2012 False Claims Act, Health Care Fraud, Whistleblower Litigation Settled
Angry Birds 08/04/2014 Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Settled
Animation Workers Antitrust Litigation 12/02/2014 Antitrust Litigation, Media & Entertainment Active
Aphria, Inc. (NYSE: APHA) - Investor Fraud Investigation
Apple iMac and MacBook Screen Defect 11/18/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Apple iPhone Battery Slowdown 01/05/2018 Consumer Rights Active
AppleCare 07/20/2016 Consumer Rights Active
Argentine Bonds 12/19/2006 Investor Fraud Settled
AstraZeneca Nexium Marketing 01/25/2005 Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
Audi Emissions Cheating 11/08/2016 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights, Emissions Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
Aurora Loan Services LLC 08/17/2010 Consumer Rights, Lending Fraud Settled
Avandia 05/21/2010 Consumer Rights, Pharmaceutical Fraud, RICO Active