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Facebook Users' Privacy 04/09/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac (OTC: FNMA, OTC: FMCC) 06/10/2013 Investor Fraud Active
Fiat Chrysler (Jeep) Gear Shifter Rollaway Defect 06/23/2016 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Fiat Chrysler Franchise Dealerships 01/12/2016 Automotive Litigation Active
FIFA Concussions 08/27/2014 Personal Injury Litigation, Sports Litigation Settled
First DataBank 10/06/2006 Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
First National Insurance Total Loss Claims 04/18/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Flagstar Mortgages 08/22/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Flonase Antitrust 07/03/2008 Antitrust Litigation, Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: FND) - Investor Fraud Investigation
Fluidmaster Inc. 04/24/2014 Consumer Rights Active
Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Truck Emissions 01/10/2018 Automotive Litigation, Emissions Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
Ford Lug Nut Defect 08/24/2017 Automotive Litigation Active
Ford MyFord Touch 07/15/2013 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang Overheating 03/22/2017 Automotive Litigation Active
Ford Spark Plugs 06/15/2011 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights Settled
Ford/GM CP4 Injection Pump Defect 11/16/2018 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights Active