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Boeing Whistleblower - False Claims Act Whistleblowers Reporting Fraud

Boeing Whistleblowers - Report Fraud

As one of the largest recipients of government aerospace and military contracts, The Boeing Company has a long history of whistleblowers reporting fraud in the areas of accounting and under the False Claims Act. Just in recent years, Boeing has been involved in numerous whistleblower investigations. In 2007, two Boeing whistleblowers who were internal auditors reported fraud inside Boeing to a journalist regarding Boeing's controls over its financial reporting process. Analysts have also questioned Boeing's reports of plane sales, and in October 2013, a reporter called Boeing's program-accounting approach an "accounting trick" when the company increased how many planes it said it would sell. In 2016, Boeing was in the hot seat again for a whistleblower investigation. The SEC reviewed, as a result of a whistleblower reporting fraud and accusations that Boeing manipulated the program accounting for production of the 787 Dreamliner and 747 jumbo jets.

Program accounting allows companies to average costs and anticipated profits for aircraft design and production periods that can stretch for decades and is popular in the defense industry. This area can be wrought with fraud, and it's up to whistleblowers at corporations like Boeing to sniff out wrongdoing.

Whistleblowers at Boeing can receive rewards under government whistleblower programs, such as the False Claims Act, for reporting fraud in military contracts and accounting. Whistleblowers can receive rewards of up to 30 percent of the total reclaimed amount, if their information is reliable and useful for the government's investigation into the whistleblower fraud.

The Boeing Company receives the second-highest amount of money from the government for contracts in recent years, with 13,201 actions performed for the government and more than $16 billion obligated in 2015 alone.

Boeing whistleblowers have led to massive fraud charges against Boeing, including an $18 million penalty Boeing paid the government to settle whistleblower claims under the False Claims Act

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