Fraud Covered by the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act is intentionally broad to cover all types of fraud on the government. Generally, our federal courts and the Department of Justice agree with the expansive application of this law to combat the many fraudulent schemes that exist to get taxpayer dollars through fraud. This is also true of most state false claims act statutes, though some are limited to recovery of Medicaid funds.

The best way for a whistleblower to determine whether the conduct he or she is investigating (or has already investigated) involves fraud covered by federal and state False Claims Act statutes is to talk with an experienced whistleblower attorney and a law firm with the experience and resources to properly advise you. The whistleblower attorneys at Hagens Berman, a leading plaintiffs' firm with attorneys internationally, provides whistleblowers with free consultation services.

Though the False Claims Act covers the range of fraudulent schemes on the government, these areas are some of the most common:

Health Care Fraud, including various forms of Medicare/Medicaid fraud and kickback/Stark violations
Defense Contractor Fraud
Financial Fraud
Procurement Fraud
Additional Fraud on Government Agencies