A leading provider of specialized securities litigation, Hagens Berman advises clients on both individual and class-action cases. Our attorneys work for investors impacted by poor corporate governance, breach of fiduciary duties, or a failure of good faith, fair dealing or loyalty. The firm vigorously pursues fraud recovery litigation, forcing corporate officers, directors and fund managers to answer to their investors.

Hagens Berman is well-respected in the legal community, and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for individuals and institutions through securities litigation. The firm has more than 50 attorneys working in nine offices throughout the country, giving it the deep legal bench and resources necessary to challenge large corporations.

At the same time, the firm is plaintiff-focused, which reduces the risk of a conflict of interest, making the firm nimble and flexible when deciding whether or not to pursue a case. Hagens Berman is also accustomed to negotiating contingency fee arrangements, meaning the firm only collects fees in the event of a favorable verdict or settlement.

Hagens Berman is committed to earning the maximum recovery possible for clients. The firm carefully considers settlement offers and does not believe in quick settlements for pennies on the dollar of investors’ losses.

Hagens Berman has represented investors in securities litigation against some of the nation’s largest corporations. For instance, the firm is currently seeking to represent Bank of America shareholders following a plunge in the banking giant’s stock price when it disclosed a $10 billion lawsuit threat from American International Group (AIG).

In the past, Hagens Berman has also challenged large corporations following alleged false and misleading statements to shareholders. For instance, the firm filed suit against Boeing after the company allegedly failed to disclose production problems with its 777 airliner to investors. The case settled for $92.5 million.

Hagens Berman is currently investigating a number of possible securities claims and invites investors to contact the firm for a free consultation.

To discuss a potential claim with the firm, please call (510) 725-3000.