When investors lose money because of corporate deception, Hagens Berman’s litigation services seek to recover a substantial percentage of those losses, thereby increasing client funds’ performance metrics.

Depending on the size and facts of the case, the firm may advise that the investor bring an individual action. Or, the institutional investor can become the lead plaintiff in a securities class action against the offending company. Hagens Berman attorneys help clients decide which course of action is best for them, and are well-qualified to pursue either method of recovery.

As a fiduciary, money managers may not have the ability or desire to risk funds on uncertain litigation using typical hourly-rate law firms. Hagens Berman seeks to minimize the burden on the money manager by pursuing cases on a contingent-fee basis.

Institutional investors who have retained Hagens Berman’s recovery services include several state public employee and teachers retirement systems, as well as local municipal, police, fire and Taft-Hartley pension funds, banks, Federal Home Loan Banks, and the FDIC.