Sexual harassment is present and pervasive in many workplaces. It affects hundreds of thousands of women and men in the U.S., 51 percent of which are harassed by a supervisor, making it harder to come forward for fear of retaliation.

All too often, sexual harassment in the workplace is protected by systemic cover-ups by companies and those in power. Particular industries are more susceptible to these cover-ups including: commercial real estate, law enforcement, politics, military, tech, entertainment, sports media, finance, restaurants and hospitality, advertising and trucking.

In these industries, employees are routinely subjected to widespread policies that create an environment promoting quid pro quo arrangements in which they feel pressured to take part in sexual acts and feel powerless against unwanted advancements. Employees are also often punished for not taking part.


When it comes to putting an end to workplace sexual harassment in your industry, it takes resources. You want a team with experience holding corporations and big entities accountable for wrongdoing. That’s what Hagens Berman does best. Our track record proves it.

Our legal team achieved a nationwide sexual harassment settlement on behalf of 16,000 women and filed the first ever sexual harassment case in Washington state. Hagens Berman has bested some of the largest companies in the world, and we remain committed to protecting and empowering individuals today.


If you have experienced workplace sexual harassment of any kind, contact our legal team to tip us about wrongdoing. Our secure messaging service offers employees a safe space in which comments will be sent directly to our legal team.

Hagens Berman has the knowledge, experience and resources. Our firm strives to protect the rights and safety of employees everywhere. Let us take a stand for you.