Attorney Steve W. Berman

Steve W. Berman, Managing Partner

Steve Berman co-founded Hagens Berman in 1993 and is the firm’s managing partner. He represents classes of individuals in complex litigation held in state and federal courts and tried the first ever sexual harassment case in Washington state.

Berman’s trial experience has earned him significant recognition and led The National Law Journal to name him one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in the nation, and to repeatedly name Hagens Berman one of the top 10 plaintiffs’ firms in the country. Berman was inspired to build a firm that vociferously fought for the rights of those unable to fight for themselves. His innovative approach, tenacious conviction and impeccable track record have earned him an excellent reputation and numerous historic legal victories. He is considered one of the nation’s most successful class-action attorneys.

He served as lead counsel for the largest settlement in world history against Big Tobacco, the largest antitrust settlement, the largest ERISA settlement and, at time of settlement, the largest U.S. securities settlement and largest automotive settlement in U.S. history, and continues to make strides for consumers across the nation by standing up against Wall Street, Big Pharma and other industries. He is responsible for billions of dollars in settlements and relief to consumers and other groups at risk. more »


Attorney Shelby R. Smith

Shelby R. Smith, Of Counsel

Shelby R. Smith is of Counsel at Hagens Berman's Seattle office where she has dedicated her career to serving vulnerable victims of violent crimes. Ms. Smith worked for 10 years at the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, working on cases in a diverse set of areas, including the sexual assault, violent crime, district court, domestic violence, felony filing and special drug units. During her 10 years as a prosecutor, Ms. Smith tried more than 100 felony jury trials. She spent five years in the Domestic Violence Unit and Special Assault Unit where she handled hundreds of cases involving physical and sexual abuse of children and adults. more »

Attorney Whitney K. Siehl

Whitney K. Siehl, Associate

Whitney K. Siehl is an associate at Hagens Berman's Chicago office and focuses on complex class-action and individual cases in the areas of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. She has represented students and alumnae of the University of Southern California in a class-action lawsuit against the university and Dr. George Tyndall for his alleged decades-long sexual abuse of patients, and has also represented an actress and entertainment industry class against The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein and related companies for racketeering and sexual assault. Ms. Siehl's work history also includes representing families and children in birth injury and birth trauma litigation nationwide. She received an Award for Excellence in Pro Bono Service from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association for her dedication to representing underserved individuals. more »