Prepared Remarks by Gary Gensler, Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, for National Whistleblower Day Celebration

Thank you for inviting me to speak at today’s celebration of whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers provide a critical public service and duty to our nation.

The tips, complaints, and referrals that whistleblowers provide are crucial to the Securities and Exchange Commission as we enforce the rules of the road for our capital markets.

Each week, when I see the Commission’s enforcement actions, I am reminded how the whistleblower program helps us to be better cops on the beat, execute our mission, and protect investors from misconduct.

After the last financial crisis, Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Act. With Senator Grassley’s leadership, this legislation included provisions to stand up the Office of the Whistleblower at the SEC and at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

I had the honor of working with my fellow Commissioners and the dedicated staff at the CFTC to stand up the office at that agency. read more »