Hagens Berman Attorney Steve W. Berman

Hagens Berman Founded

Steve Berman co-founds Hagens Berman with the late Carl Hagens, after Steve’s prior firm refuses to represent several children who consumed fast food contaminated with E. coli. in a deadly outbreak at Jack in the Box.

Hagens Berman Tobacco Litigation

Tobacco Settlement

Steve Berman is selected to serve as special assistant attorney general for the states of Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Alaska, Idaho, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Vermont and Rhode Island in prosecuting major actions against the tobacco industry. An initial proposed settlement against Big Tobacco leads to a multi-state $206 billion settlement, the largest in world history. more »

Hagens Berman Pharmaceutical Practice Thomas Sobol

Focus on Pharma

Hagens Berman LLP welcomes partner Thomas Sobol to the firm and opens its Boston office in June of 2002, adding to the firm's focus in the area of pharma fraud lawsuits and bringing on the leading litigator in drug pricing cases. Sobol has since been involved in a $189 million bankruptcy resolution for contaminated MPA made by New England Compounding Company, a $166 million recovery in Lidoderm Antitrust litigation, a $146 million recovery in Aggrenox Antitrust litigation and many more landmark cases. Pharmaceutical practice »

Hagens Berman Hungarian Gold Train

Hungarian Gold Train

A federal court preliminarily approves a settlement against the U.S. government, in which Hagens Berman represented survivors of the Holocaust and their families whose possessions had been confiscated at the end of World War II. more »

Hagens Berman Thomas Sobol Pharmaceutical Practice

Average Wholesale Price Litigation

Hagens Berman brings litigation involving pharma’s use of average wholesale price. The firm tries and wins the case, one of the few class-action MDL cases to go to trial. As a result of discovering a new fraud, the firm then initiates litigation against McKesson involving the price of more than 1400 prescription drugs. The series of average wholesale price cases result in the roll back of pricing benchmarks, protecting consumers, following a class trial and victory.

Hagens Berman Enron


The United States District Court in Houston grants preliminary approval of a proposed partial settlement with the Northern Trust Company, following a settlement reached with Enron, with Steve Berman as co-lead counsel representing pension holders. more »

Hagens Berman Toyota Unintended Acceleration

Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Hagens Berman achieves the largest settlement in history against an automaker, at $1.6 billion, culminating a class action against Toyota regarding a defect causing sudden unintended acceleration. more »

Hagens Berman Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff Settlement

The court announces a $218 million settlement on behalf of Bernard L. Madoff investors in a suit filed against JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, with a separate settlement against JPMorgan totaling more than $2.2 billion. more »

Hagens Berman VW Emissions

Volkswagen Dieselgate

Hagens Berman becomes the first law firm in the nation to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen for its emissions fraud. more »

Hagens Berman FIFA Concussions

US Soccer Safety

The firm announces sweeping safety regulations to U.S. youth soccer following the settlement of a lawsuit against six of the largest youth soccer organizations, eliminating heading for soccer’s youngest players and greatly diminishing risks of youth concussions and traumatic head injuries. more »

Hagens Berman VW Emissions

Volkswagen Dieselgate Settlement

The first settlement against Volkswagen is preliminarily approved at $14.7 billion, the now largest automotive settlement in history, with additional settlements to follow regarding Bosch and dealership claims. more »

Hagens Berman E-Books

E-books Settlement

Hagens Berman reaches a final settlement with all defendants (including Apple Inc.) in an e-books price-fixing case, in which consumers will receive more than $560 million – an outstanding outcome of more than twice the amount of losses suffered. more »

Hagens Berman NCAA Concussions

College Concussions

As lead counsel in multi-district litigation against the NCAA, Hagens Berman secures a settlement obtaining a 50-year medical monitoring program to track concussions, and sweeping changes to concussion management and return-to-play guidelines, forever improving the safety of college sports. more »

Hagens Berman NCAA Class Action Lawsuit

NCAA Scholarships

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a ruling in favor of a nationwide class of college-athletes challenging NCAA-imposed caps on college-athlete scholarships. Steve Berman served as court-appointed co-lead counsel and lead trial counsel and argued the case during a 10-day bench trial that culminated in a $209 million settlement. more »