Hagens Berman is lead counsel in multi-district litigation against the NCAA for medical monitoring and for injunctive relief in the form of changes to concussion management and return-to-play guidelines. Hagens Berman also has filed lawsuits on behalf of several victims of concussions at NCAA sanctioned universities alleging the institutions neglect to protect student-athletes from concussions and their aftermath.
Case Status
Class Certified
Settlement Amount
$75 Million
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In re: National Collegiate Athletic Association Student-Athlete Concussion Injury Litigation
Lead Counsel
Multiple States
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Member universities
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The Master Complaint for medical monitoring and equitable relief states that the NCAA hid relevant safety information concerning concussions, failed to safeguard student athletes, and neglected to enact sufficient regulations that would protect from the risks associated with concussions.

The complaint states that despite the NCAA’s authority to enact regulations and its founding role to protect student athletes, it has been negligent and has failed to carry out this duty, placing athletes at risk for concussions, despite its knowledge of the growing number of sustained concussions.

The suit also claims that although public attention has been focused on the growing number of concussions, the NCAA suppressed and hid information about the extent of this problem from student athletes.

According to the case, a mounting body of scientific evidence has linked concussions to depression, dementia and early-onset Alzheimer’s, among a host of other medical problems.


NCAA Concussions Settlement Website

The NCAA concussions settlement website is now live. For more information, please visit collegeathleteconcussionsettlement.com

Final stage of preliminary approval

Today, the court preliminarily approved the settlement in this case. The Settlement website will be live by July 21, 2016. By July 29, 2016, a letter to NCAA members seeking contact information for Settlement Class Members shall be issued; the initial Publication Notice shall be distributed; the NCAA shall distribute notice on its social media; and the call center for Settlement Class Members shall be established.

Court Preliminarily Approves NCAA Concussions Settlement

Subject to modifications, the Court grants the Joint Motion for Preliminary Approval of Amended Class Settlement and Certification of Settlement Class

Hagens Berman Files Amended Papers

Hagens Berman filed amended papers for approval of the NCAA concussion case.

Managing partner, Steve Berman, said, "We hope that the amended papers answer all of the questions raised by the court, and we hope the settlement is approved so that we can put in place better protection for players."

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