Auto News: Mercedes Benz To Pay $5.5 Million To Settle Arizona Diesel Ad Case, Chrysler Recalling 280,000 Heavy-Duty Trucks For Fire Risks, Tesla Reports Two New Fatal Crashes Involving Driver Assistance Systems

Mercedes Benz to pay $5.5 million to settle Arizona diesel ad case


German automaker Mercedes Benz and auto supplier Robert Bosch LLC (BOSH.NS) have agreed to pay a total of about $6 million to resolve a lawsuit over diesel advertising claims, the U.S. state of Arizona said on Friday. read more »

Chrysler recalling 280,000 heavy-duty trucks for fire risks


Chrysler-parent Stellantis is recalling 280,000 Ram heavy-duty diesel trucks worldwide for fire risks, a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a company statement showed on Thursday. read more »

Tesla reports two new fatal crashes involving driver assistance systems


Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) told U.S. auto safety regulators it has reports of two new crash fatalities in Model 3 cars tied to advanced driver assistance systems in the month ending October 15, data released Tuesday by the government shows. read more »