United Airlines to Pay $49 Million to Resolve Criminal Fraud Charges and Civil Claims DOJ
Federal Contractor Agrees to Pay More Than $6 Million to Settle Overbilling Allegations DOJ
Explaining GameStop hearing terms: Payment for order flow AXIOS Payment for order flow, or PFOF, sits at or near the top of the list of people's complaints about market structure. read more »
GameStop bull 'Roaring Kitty,' MassMutual hit with securities lawsuit REUTERS
Robinhood CEO admits communications shortcomings, ahead of House testimony REUTERS
SEC issues warning as GameStop short-selling war resumes REUTERS The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission waded into the battle between small investors and Wall Street hedge funds on Friday, warning both brokerages and the pack of social media traders that it was closely monitoring potential wrongdoing.
Millions earmarked for public health emergencies were used to pay for unrelated projects, inspector general says WASHINGTON POST Federal officials repeatedly raided a fund earmarked for biomedical research in the years leading up to the covid-19 pandemic, spending millions of dollars on unrelated salaries, administrative expenses and even the cost of removing office furniture, according to the findings of an investigation into a whistleblower complaint shared with The Washington Post.
Attorney General Becerra Announces $40 Million Nationwide Settlement with Apria Healthcare STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
Space Force delays deal to ‘further evaluate’ contractor found to have acted fraudulently WASHINGTON POST
Justice Department Recovers Over $2.2 Billion from False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2020 DOJ
Boeing to pay $25M to settle fraud case at drone unit Insitu that sparked whistleblower complaint SEATTLE TIMES Boeing’s drone subsidiary, Insitu, will pay $25 million to settle a federal lawsuit accusing it of fraudulently overcharging the government on no-bid military contracts by billing for new parts but using recycled ones.
Millions of Dollars in False Claims Submitted to HUD’s FHA Mortgage Insurance Program DOJ The United States has filed a civil complaint in federal court in Brooklyn seeking damages and penalties against three individuals and multiple companies alleged to have engaged in a wide-ranging mortgage fraud scheme to defraud the government.
Texas Heart Hospital and Wholly-Owned Subsidiary THHBP Management Company LLC to Pay $48 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Alleged Kickbacks DOJ
Armed Mexicans Were Smuggled In to Guard Border Wall, Whistle-Blowers Say NY TIMES In a complaint unsealed on Friday, whistle-blowers working on President Trump’s wall said that contractors were illegally bringing in Mexican guards to protect construction sites.
Defense Bill Proposes Anti-Money-Laundering Whistleblower Program WSJ A new whistleblower reward program incentivizing the reporting of potential violations of anti-money-laundering laws would be established as part of an annual defense-spending bill that is poised to clear Congress.