Chief of FCPA Unit, to Leave SEC After 17 Years, guilty plea in connection to $70 million Ponzi scheme
South Korea corruption scandal grows, gave low-risk ratings to the risky mortgage securities, improperly used separation agreements, Tax Cheats Beware, settlements with authorities in Britain, the U.S. and Brazil
Alleged electricity market manipulation, U.S. authorities are examining Facebook's federal income tax liability, Funds for feeding needy children were misused, Overcharged pensions and mutual funds, Penalty Spike Confirmed by DOJ, Neurosurgeons billed for procedures they didn't participate in
Steve Berman, managing partner at Hagens Berman, a nationwide whistleblower protection law firm, today lauded an award the Internal Revenue made to former
U.S. tax authorities have awarded $104 million to a whistleblower in a major tax fraud case against Swiss bank UBS AG that widened a government crackdown on
The Internal Revenue Service has begun processing more claims under its whistleblower program, paying over 90 awards since October 2011, after an influential senator