Stock Sales by Leaders at Coronavirus Testing Company Raise Legal Concerns NPR Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, as governments scrambled to find rapid and reliable coronavirus tests, three states ended up turning to a small public company that just months earlier had no major customers and was losing millions of dollars.
SEC Awards Over $6 Million to Joint Whistleblowers SEC he Securities and Exchange Commission today announced an award of over $6 million to joint whistleblowers whose information and assistance led to the successful enforcement of SEC and related actions.  The whistleblowers’ substantial assistance, provided to the SEC and another government agency, included submitting documents, participating in interviews, and identifying key individuals involved in the misconduct.
JPMorgan Chase to pay $250 million for failings in asset, wealth business REUTERS JPMorgan Chase & Co has agreed to pay $250 million for risk management and other control failings in its asset and wealth management business, a U.S. regulator said on Tuesday, in the second chunky penalty for the bank in less than two months.
SEC Charges E-Commerce Startup and CEO With Defrauding Investors SEC The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a San Francisco-based e-commerce startup and its chief executive officer with misleading investors about purported contracts with well-known consumer brands.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a court order freezing the assets of a Texas-based initial coin offering that claimed to have raised more than $600 million.
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a Wall Street stockbroker with illegally accepting more than $1 million in undisclosed kickbacks for giving certain customers preferential access to lucrative IPOs, enabling them to reap major trading profits in the secondary markets.
From the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California: The Court is pleased to announce the selection of six new Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Council. These six accomplished attorneys will serve for three years, joining twelve continuing lawyer representatives and replacing six who have completed their three years of service. The Court also specially acknowledges the additional service for 2017 of the two new co-chairs, Peter Borkon and Charlene (Chuck) Shimada.
The Supreme Court recently heard argument in Salman v. United States (No. 15-628), a case that may bring some clarity to one highly contested area of insider trading law. Whistleblowers looking to report information on insider trading to the SEC will benefit from a basic understanding of insider trading law leading up to Salman.
When it quietly removed a case from its fall docket last year, the Supreme Court robbed investors of the ability to rely on long-time precedent that once a class action was filed, investors could sit back and wait to see what happens before they needed to be concerned about any time-based deadlines...
Hagens Berman was appointed lead counsel in this institutional investor lawsuit brought on behalf of purchasers of Altisource Asset Management Corporation (AAMC)...
The Supreme Court recently grappled with the question: when can an opinion give rise to liability under Section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933 if the person speaking the opinion believes that their statement is true?...
The largest Ponzi scheme in American history was perpetrated by Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff. He stole some $19 billion from investors, who thought that their accounts had grown to more than $65 billion...
Picture the stereotypical Wild West duel – high noon, town square, two sides. Sheriff v. Outlaw. While John Wayne and classic Westerns may have overplayed this iconic American scene
Hagens Appointed Lead Counsel in Three High Profile Multi-District Litigation Class Actions...
On Aug. 4, 2015, the SEC issued guidelines clarifying who benefits from SEC whistleblower anti-retaliation protection. The clarification was needed because the whistleblower statutes in the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Act are perceived by some as sufficiently ambiguous as to create
Peter E. Borkon is an attorney at Hagens Berman's San Francisco office. His practice is focused on securities class actions and shareholder derivative suits. The current presidential primaries are a vivid demonstration
National plaintiffs' law firm announces tenth office, expanded California presence Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, a Seattle-based law firm representing plaintiffs in high-profile class actions and complex litigation today announced the opening of a new office in San Diego, marking its tenth
We intended to write about why Facebook's, and it's underwriters' disclosure of downward revised projections to select institutional purchasers in Facebook's IPO is not only wrong, but illegal.
In a little-known but taut thriller called "The Prime Gig," Vince Vaughn plays Pendleton "Penny" Wise – a smooth-talking telemarketing scam artist who
Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., visited Hagens Berman's Seattle office on Aug. 3, 2015 to discuss gun control. Congresswoman Giffords, who was shot