Auto News: Many U.S. Drivers Treat Partially Automated Cars As Self-Driving – Study, CARB Settles With FCA For $5.6 Million For Violations Of Air Quality Regulations On Certain Gasoline Engines

Many U.S. drivers treat partially automated cars as self-driving - study


Drivers using advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla (TSLA.O) Autopilot or General Motors (GM.N) Super Cruise often treat their vehicles as fully self-driving despite warnings, a new study has found. read more »

CARB settles with FCA for $5.6 million for violations of air quality regulations on certain gasoline engines


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) reached a settlement agreement with FCA US LLC (FCA) of Auburn Hills, Mich. for $5,601,090 for violations of CARB’s air quality regulations. This is the second enforcement action against FCA in the past four years. read more »