Sexual Harassment News: Churches Defend Clergy Loophole In Child Sex Abuse Reporting, Sex Assault Trial In U.S. A Rare Moment For Chinese #MeToo Movement, Sex Abuse Allegations Spread Against Cheerleading Industry

Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting


In 33 states, clergy are exempt from any laws requiring professionals such as teachers, physicians and psychotherapists to report information about alleged child sexual abuse to police or child welfare officials if the church deems the information privileged. read more »

Sex Assault Trial in U.S. a Rare Moment for Chinese #MeToo Movement


Liu Jingyao is not the first young woman to accuse a powerful Chinese businessman of rape. She is not the only Chinese woman to confront a man and seek legal charges against him. read more »

Sex abuse allegations spread against cheerleading industry


Sprawling allegations of abuse against cheerleaders reached Tennessee on Monday in a case that escalates the accusations facing some of the sport’s top institutions. read more »