Sexual Harassment News: Matt Gaetz Friend Handed 11-Year Prison Term In US Sex Trafficking Case, Cheerleading Abuse Accusations Increase To 20 With Ohio Case, Defense And Prosecution Conclude Closing Remarks In Harvey Weinstein’s 2nd Rape Trial

Matt Gaetz friend handed 11-year prison term in US sex trafficking case


A former Florida tax collector whose arrest led to a federal investigation into the US congressman Matt Gaetz has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for sex trafficking of a minor and other offenses. read more »

Cheerleading abuse accusations increase to 20 with Ohio case


The latest lawsuit in a series alleging widespread sexual misconduct across competitive cheerleading alleges that officials allowed two choreographers to continue working after they were investigated for sexual abuse. read more »

Defense and prosecution conclude closing remarks in Harvey Weinstein’s 2nd rape trial. Jurors will soon deliberate


Both the defense and prosecution in the Los Angeles sexual assault trial against former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein concluded closing arguments Thursday, bringing the weekslong trial one step closer to jury deliberations. read more »