Sexual Harassment News: #Metoo Is Five Years Old, Ghislaine Maxwell Says She 'Feels So Bad' For Prince Andrew In First Prison Interview Since Sex Trafficking Conviction, Mel Gibson Can Testify In Harvey Weinstein's Los Angeles Sexual Assault Trial

#MeToo is five years old. These trials show how far we’ve come


Five years nearly to the day since the New York Times and the New Yorker published their explosive exposés on Harvey Weinstein and his myriad misdeeds – all of them leveraging his vaunted position in Hollywood to extract sex and force humiliation on hopeful actresses – Weinstein and several other men accused as part of the broader #MeToo movement are seeing the inside of a courtroom. read more »

Ghislaine Maxwell says she 'feels so bad' for Prince Andrew in first prison interview since sex trafficking conviction


During two interviews carried out while in prison, Ghislaine Maxwell said she understands why Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton can no longer be associated with her. The former socialite is serving 20 years in jail after being convicted of sex trafficking. read more »

Mel Gibson can testify in Harvey Weinstein's Los Angeles sexual assault trial, judge rules


Mel Gibson can testify about what he learned from one of Harvey Weinstein's accusers, a Los Angeles judge ruled Friday in the rape and sexual assault trial of the former movie mogul. Weinstein is charged with sexually assaulting five women. read more »