Whistleblower Fraud: $9.85M To Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Of Illegal Payments To Referring Physicians, Unnecessary Procedures Performed On Dialysis Patients, Celsius Crypto Firm Reveals $1.2B Deficit In Bankruptcy Filing

BioReference Laboratories and Parent Company Agree to Pay $9.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations of Illegal Payments to Referring Physicians


BioReference Health LLC, formerly known as BioReference Laboratories, Inc., (BioReference), and OPKO Health, Inc. (OPKO) have agreed to pay $9.85 million to resolve alleged violations of the False Claims Act arising from BioReference’s payment of above-market rents to physician landlords for office space in order to induce referrals from those physicians to BioReference. BioReference, a subsidiary of OPKO, is headquartered in New Jersey and is one of the largest clinical laboratories in the United States. read more »

United States Files Claims Alleging Fresenius Vascular Care, Inc. Defrauded Medicare and Other Healthcare Programs by Billing for Unnecessary Procedures Performed on Dialysis Patients


The United States filed a civil complaint yesterday in federal court in Brooklyn against Fresenius Vascular Care, Inc. (“Fresenius”) alleging that the company performed unnecessary procedures on dialysis patients at nine centers across New York City and Long Island, and billed the procedures to Medicare, Medicaid, the Federal Health Benefits Program and TRICARE.  The complaint seeks damages and penalties under the False Claims Actread more »

Celsius Network: crypto firm reveals $1.2bn deficit in bankruptcy filing


The cryptocurrency platform Celsius Network was left with a $1.2bn (£1bn) deficit after suffering from a digital version of an old-fashioned “run on the bank”, according to its bankruptcy filing in the US. read more »