Whistleblower News: CFTC Head Urges Congress To Act On Crypto Regulation, Heads Non-Governmental Organization Plead Guilty To Conspiring To Bribe Elected Officials Of The Marshall Islands, Pandemic Relief Fraud Report Says Company CEOs Family Got Rich

U.S. CFTC head urges Congress to act fast on crypto regulation


A leading U.S. financial regulator on Thursday urged lawmakers to act quickly to install a regulatory framework for digital assets following the spectacular collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. read more »

Former Heads of New York-Based Non-Governmental Organization Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Bribe Elected Officials of the Marshall Islands


Two Marshallese nationals pleaded guilty today to conspiring to pay bribes to elected officials of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in exchange for passing certain legislation. read more »

Pandemic relief fraud report says online financial company CEOs, family got rich


A congressional subcommittee issued its final report Thursday about financial fraud supercharged by online lending during the pandemic, which alleged executives and their families enriched themselves through government relief programs. read more »