Whistleblower News: CFTC Charges Nevada Metals Trader With Spoofing In Gold And Silver Markets, US Issues Sanctions On A 2nd Virtual Currency Mixing Firm, Crypto And The US Government Are Headed For A Decisive Showdown

CFTC Charges Nevada Metals Trader with Spoofing in Gold and Silver Markets


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today filed a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada against Daniel Shak of Las Vegas, Nevada, charging him with spoofing and engaging in a manipulative and deceptive scheme in the gold and silver futures markets. read more »

US issues sanctions on a 2nd virtual currency mixing firm


The Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash, which has allegedly helped to launder more than $7 billion worth of virtual currency since its creation in 2019. read more »

Crypto and the US Government Are Headed for a Decisive Showdown


If you have paid casual attention to crypto news over the past few years, you probably have a sense that the crypto market is unregulated—a tech-driven Wild West in which the rules of traditional finance do not apply. read more »