Investor Fraud

Monitoring Investor Portfolios

Monitoring Investor Portfolios

Timely information and analysis are the critical ingredients of a successful fraud recovery program. Institutions must receive quick and reliable determinations concerning the source of losses, their extent, the likelihood of recoupment and the best manner for pursuing it. Hagens Berman’s Portfolio Monitoring Service provides these services at no cost to participating institutions.

The Hagens Berman Portfolio Monitoring Service has three primary components:

  • Tracking. The Service alerts clients of any significant portfolio losses due to suspected fraud.
  • Analysis. The Service provides clients with all necessary legal and factual analyses regarding possible recovery options, removing from the institution any burden connected with scrutinizing myriad instances of potential wrongdoing and attempting to decipher whether direct, recoverable injuries have resulted.
  • Reporting. A concise monthly report prepared by attorneys and forensic accounting fraud experts furnishes comprehensive answers to these inquiries. On a case-by-case basis, the report specifies each of the securities in which the client lost a significant amount of money, and matches those securities with an analysis of potential fraud likelihood, litigation options, and an expert recommendation on how best to proceed for maximum recovery.

The Portfolio Monitoring Service requires little additional effort for participating institutions. A client’s custodian bank provides records detailing the client’s transactions from the past several years, and on a regular basis thereafter. None of the institution’s own personnel are required to share in this task, as the information is acquired directly from the custodian bank.

Clients who choose to utilize the Portfolio Monitoring Service are allowed to act without commitment. In instances where a litigation opportunity arises, we believe our skills make us the ideal choice for such a role, but clients are free to choose others.

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