The information below is designed to answer common questions about personal injury claims and Hagens Berman's Personal Injury Group.

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Why should I contact a personal injury attorney?

Medical problems caused by personal injury may not be fully recognized for months or even years after an accident. Losses from medical bills, decreased earning potential, and many other problems can pile up unexpectedly. An attorney with experience representing personal injury victims and negotiating with insurance companies can analyze your case and determine fair compensation for your losses.

What is the amount of compensation based on?

Compensation for your injuries depends on several factors, including physical and mental pain and suffering, economic hardship or financial loss, decreased earning potential, and physical impairment and/or disfigurement. 

The details of the case, such as the extent of your injuries, the effect of injuries on your life, the amount and length of medical treatment, and the outcomes of similar cases all play a role in determining the amount awarded.

What do I do if an insurance adjuster offers me a settlement?

Before accepting a settlement, it is always in your best interest to consult an attorney. Adjusters work for the insurance company - not for you - and their job is to settle the matter for the lowest possible expense to the company. An attorney's expertise is vital for accident victims when an insurance adjuster is trying to settle the case.

Can't I just estimate the cost of my own injuries right away?

Because the full extent of many injuries may not be known for quite some time after the accident, an attorney can help you to evaluate your potential losses. It's devastating to sign away your rights only to later discover that your injuries and losses were worse than you originally thought.

Will I be able to recover money even if I am partly at fault?

Yes. In most cases accident victims can recover money even if they are partly to blame for the accident.

How much will the legal process cost?

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro's fee is based on the outcome of your case. Our firm typically receives about one-third of the amount recovered plus expenses. Our firm will often advance the outside costs of preparing your case and the client is not responsible for any attorneys' fees if the case is unsuccessful.

If I make a claim, will I have to spend a lot of time in court?

Many injury claims can be settled through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, without you having to go to court. However, some complex cases may require that you participate in legal proceedings.

What should I look for in an attorney?

The success of personal injury attorneys is based on several factors, including education, legal skill and experience. The attorney you retain should have a proven record of winning cases similar to yours and should be willing to thoroughly explain their recommendations based on the specific details of your case. Your attorney should also have extensive experience both settling cases through negotiation and trying cases in court. Another very important factor is for you to feel comfortable with your attorney, and confident that your interests will be a top priority.

When should I call an attorney?

You should consult an attorney as soon as possible after being injured. In most cases there are time limits for filing claims after an injury occurs, and if this deadline passes, your claim could be dismissed. In addition, finding witnesses and gathering evidence to support your case becomes more difficult the longer you wait.

Why should I retain Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro to represent my case?

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro carefully selects its personal injury cases, allowing us to focus more of our firm's substantial resources and expertise on each client. Our attorneys offer the professionalism, integrity and compassion their clients deserve. With a reputation for thorough preparation, keen negotiation tactics and superior trial skills, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro is known for consistently recovering the highest possible awards for their clients.