Selecting an attorney for a personal injury case is a very important decision. The attorney you choose will be entrusted with the responsibility of representing you and your interests in a process that can be complex and challenging. 

For more than decade, Hagens Berman's blend of professional expertise and commitment to our clients has made us some of the most well-respected and successful personal injury lawyers in the region. We deliver exceptional results for our clients by obtaining exceptional verdicts and settlements.

Our attorneys have experience in wrongful death, brain injury and other catastrophic injury cases, as well as deep experience in social work negligence, nursing home negligence and sexual abuse cases. We give each case we accept full support and backing of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro's seasoned trial attorneys, investigators and paralegals.

Auto Accident

Whether an individual or a family is involved in a simple, single-car accident or a complex situation involving many parties, the attorneys at Hagens Berman can help. 

With auto accidents, even simple cases quickly become complicated with property damage issues, medical claims and issues regarding uninsured motorists and jurisdiction. 

It’s important that your legal team has the resources and know-how to properly prepare its litigation. Every successful verdict and settlement Hagens Berman achieves can be traced back to experience. 

The attorneys in the Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro Personal Injury Group have decades of experience litigating auto accident claims, and that experience allows them to deliver quick and favorable outcomes with the least disruption to the lives of the victim and their families. 

Medical Malpractice

Litigating a medical malpractice case takes acute specialization and knowledge of medical treatments and medicine. Notwithstanding these facts, Hagens Berman pursues meritorious medical malpractice claims in instances where clients have suffered life-altering personal injuries. Our firm’s personal injury attorneys handle medical malpractice cases with the dedication and detail necessary to make victims whole. Hagens Berman is very selective in accepting medical malpractice cases and has been successful in recovering significant compensation for victims of medical error and negligence.

Nursing Home Negligence

The decision to place a family member in a nursing home is one of the most difficult and painful decisions a family makes. Trusting someone with the care and protection of a loved one creates many reasonable expectations. Sadly, many nursing homes fail to meet those expectations. 

Nursing home negligence is a growing problem throughout the nation. As our population ages, reports of elder abuse and nursing home negligence continue to rise. Today, elder abuse is one of the most rapidly escalating social problems in our society. 

The Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro Personal Injury Group is uniquely qualified to represent the victims of elder abuse and nursing home negligence. Hagens Berman's attorneys have secured record-breaking settlements in this area of the law and are committed to holding negligent nursing homes accountable.

Social Work Negligence 

Social workers play a critical role in the daily lives of our state’s most vulnerable citizens. Social workers assigned to protect children, developmentally disabled and elderly adults are responsible for critical aspects in the lives of tens of thousands of citizens who are unable to protect themselves. 

Many social workers do a fine job but tragically, many do not. When a social worker fails to monitor and protect their vulnerable client, the results are often catastrophic. All too often, the failure to protect a child or disabled citizen leads to injury or sexual victimization by predators. 

With more than $40 million in recoveries on behalf of vulnerable citizens who were neglected by social workers, the Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro Personal Injury Group is the most experienced, successful and knowledgeable group of attorneys in this dynamic area of the law. 

Sexual Abuse

Hagens Berman has represented a wide spectrum of individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse, including children and developmentally disabled adults. We treat each case individually, with compassion and attention to detail and have the expertise, resources and track record to stand up to the toughest opponents. In the area of sexual abuse, our attorneys have obtained record-breaking verdicts, including the largest personal injury verdict ever upheld by an appellate court in the state of Washington.

Rape, molestation and sexual exploitation are forms of sexual abuse that affect citizens throughout our society. At Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, we understand the damaging effects of sexual abuse and are devoted to representing victims as they pursue their abuser or the individuals who failed to protect them. 

Workplace Injury

While many workplace injury claims are precluded by workers compensation laws, many instances of workplace injury are caused by the negligence and dangerous oversight of third parties. In these instances, victims may have valid claims. Hagens Berman’s personal injury legal team has successfully brought many workplace injury claims, holding third parties liable for our clients’ serious bodily injuries.

Wrongful Death / Serious Injury

The death of a family member or friend through another person’s negligence or from the negligence of government or corporations always weighs heavily on survivors. For many, holding those responsible is a critical step in finding peace and emotional closure. Such an outcome can also be positive for society at large. It can serve to compel corporations and governments to make important changes in their policies, making it less likely that others will suffer the same fate. 

The Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro Personal Injury Group handles wrongful death claims and has the legal expertise to tackle even the most demanding cases. Hagens Berman understands that litigation can be trying. They make it a priority to simplify and expedite the process so a clients’ focus can remain with their family. 

Hagens Berman has a long record of accomplishment in personal injury litigation. Experience is the number one factor in reaching successful outcomes.