Hagens Berman has built its reputation on a willingness and ability to take on extraordinarily challenging cases, setting us apart from other firms. Our firm has taken down some of the world's most well-financed and aggressive legal adversaries.

Our tenacity carries over to our work upholding civil and human rights, where we tackle cases with exceptionally difficult legal barriers. Hagens Berman has the legal savvy and resources to deliver top-notch results for our clients, and our firm has represented individuals and organizations in some of the more difficult civil rights challenges that have arisen in the past two decades.


In doing so, we’ve managed cases that have presented very complex legal and factual issues, which were often related to highly charged political and historical events. Our clients have included such diverse communities as World War II prisoners of war, conscripted civilians and entire villages.

In this cutting-edge practice area, the firm vigilantly keeps abreast of new state and national legislation and case-law developments. We achieve positive precedents by zealously prosecuting in our clients’ interests.