Auto News: Crash Deaths Rise Despite Pandemic, 2021 F-150 Pickups Rusting

US saw sharp increase in crash deaths in 2020 despite fewer drivers on roads


Pandemic lockdowns and stay-at-home orders kept many drivers off US roads and highways last year. But those who did venture out found open lanes that only invited reckless driving, leading to a sharp increase in traffic-crash deaths across the country. read more »

Some Owners Say Their New 2021 Ford F-150 Pickups Are Rusting Underneath


Some new 2021 F-150 owners are taking to the internet to complain that their brand-new trucks were shipped from the factory with heavily rusted parts, including the exhaust, differential, and wheel hubs. Ford has not explained how this could have happened, and it's unclear how many of the popular pickups are affected by the problem. A story by the Detroit Free Press highlighted the stories of some of the customers who had eagerly awaited the first 2021 F-150 pickups, only to discover rust all over their truck's axles, exhaust, wheel hubs, and other underbody parts. read more »