Auto News: Ford Stops Selling EVehicle Home Charger, California Diesel Emissions Rules

Ford Issues Stop Sale of its Electric Vehicle Home Charger


Ford has stopped selling its electric-vehicle home charger after discovering the chargers weren't working properly, Automotive News reports. The stop-sale order for the $800 chargers started on February 24. The Ford Connected Charging Station is a 48-amp Level 2 charger that can charge Ford's Mustang Mach-E from zero to 100 percent in about 11 hours, or 28 miles per hour of charging. The charging station allows owners to monitor information such as charge levels and energy consumption. read more »

California's diesel emissions rules reduce air pollution, protect vulnerable communities


Extending California's stringent diesel emissions standards to the rest of the U.S. could dramatically improve the nation's air quality and health, particularly in lower income communities of color, finds a new analysis published today in the journal Science. read more »