Sexual Harassment News: Four NWSL Coaches Get Lifetime Ban After Sexual Harassment Investigation, OB-GYN Sexual Abuse Trial Reminds Patients Of Boundaries Doctors Should Establish During Exams

Four NWSL coaches get lifetime ban after sexual harassment investigation


Four former NWSL coaches, Paul Riley, Christy Holly, Rory Dames and Richie Burke, were permanently banned from all participation in the league on Monday as commissioner Jessica Berman handed down discipline based on last month's joint investigative report between the league and the players' union. read more »

OB-GYN sexual abuse trial reminds patients of boundaries doctors should establish during exams


Opening statements in the federal trial of a Manhattan obstetrician/gynecologist charged with sexually abusing female patients highlighted a rare but devastating type of sexual misconduct — that of a patient by a medical professional. read more »