Sexual Harassment News: Pennsylvania Child Victims Bill, Sexual Abuse in UK Schools, Consent Law

Vote signals support for child sex abuse window in bill form


The state House of Representatives showed solid support Tuesday for enacting a two-year lawsuit window for child victims of sexual abuse as a regular bill, two weeks after the Legislature gave its first round of approval to a similar constitutional amendment. read more »

How an Instagram account exposed a culture of sexual abuse inside UK schools?


Last summer Soma Sara started the website Everyone’s Invited soon after sharing her own account of sexual harassment on Instagram. There has since been a deluge of anonymous testimonies; more than 14,000 of them. They come from children as young as nine years old and paint a picture of misogyny and “rape culture” in UK schools, including groping, coercion, slut shaming and rape. read more »

Key Harvey Weinstein Trial Witnesses Call for Defining Consent in Law to Prevent Sexual Assaults


Onetime aspiring actress Dawn Dunning and New York actress and model Tarale Wulff, who were key prosecution witnesses that helped convict Harvey Weinstein on rape and criminal sexual assault charges in March 2020, came out in support of New York State penal law reforms to define the meaning of consent in sexual crime cases on Tuesday. read more »