Sexual Harassment News: Bill Passes Limiting Use Of Secret Agreements In Sexual Harassment Cases, Sexual Misconduct Within High School Military Leadership Program Worse Than Previously Known, Kevin Spacey To Be Charged With More Sexual Offences In UK

Congress passes groundbreaking bill limiting use of secret agreements in sexual harassment cases


The U.S. House took a groundbreaking, bipartisan step Wednesday to limit the use of non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements to silence survivors of workplace sexual misconductread more »

Sexual misconduct within high school military leadership program worse than previously known, report finds


A congressional report has found that sexual misconduct by instructors in a military leadership program operating in high schools across the United States was a bigger issue than previously known. read more »

Kevin Spacey to be charged with seven more sexual offences in UK


Kevin Spacey is to be charged with seven additional sexual offences against one man, prosecutors in the UK have announced. read more »