Whistleblower News: Crypto Tax Cheats, Insider Trading Indictment, CFTC Family Wealth Oversight

IRS Is Catching Crypto Tax Cheats Via John Doe Summons


The IRS is actively hunting for crypto tax cheats by demanding cryptocurrency exchanges release user information through “John Doe” summons. Once John Doe summons are issued, exchanges are legally required to release requested user information to the IRS. On March 30, 2021 a John Doe summons was issued to Kraken. On April 1, 2021, another John Doe summons was issued to Circle (owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex). read more »

Brooklyn man accused of using information from Bloomberg reporter for insider trading


A Brooklyn man indicted for an insider trading scheme used information from a Bloomberg News reporter about certain deals to trade, according to a review of the charging documents, in a case that comes as the volume of leaked information about mergers and acquisitions is rising. read more »

U.S. CFTC official advises stricter oversight of funds managing family wealth


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the top U.S. swaps regulator, should reverse its loosening of oversight of family offices, a Democratic commissioner said on Thursday in response to the blowup of Archegos Capital. read more »