Whistleblower News: EmpiresX Head Trader Pleads Guilty To Global Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud Scheme, Crypto Intermediaries Should Register With U.S. SEC Agency Chair Says, U.S. Judge Rejects AT&T Bid To Dismiss SEC Lawsuit Over Leaks To Analysts

EmpiresX Head Trader Pleads Guilty to Global Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud Scheme that Amassed Approximately $100 Million from Investors


A Florida man pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to commit securities fraud in connection with a global cryptocurrency-based Ponzi scheme that took in approximately $100 million from investors. read more »

Crypto intermediaries should register with U.S. SEC, agency chair says


Companies that help facilitate transactions in the cryptocurrency market should register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just like other market intermediaries, the agency's chair said on Thursday. read more »

U.S. judge rejects AT&T bid to dismiss SEC lawsuit over leaks to analysts


A U.S. judge on Thursday rejected AT&T Inc’s (T.N.) bid to dismiss an unusual Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit accusing the phone company of selectively leaking financial information to Wall Street analysts. read more »